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The Hottest Trends For Teen Clothing


When it comes to clothing for teens, anything goes. Although the catwalk seems to set the tone in fashion, teens are the true trendsetters. They mimic the clothing they see celebrities wear for creating their own unique styles. The hottest trends for teen clothing today is a mix and match of what adults wear, with a touch of their own personal style and attitude. Here is a look at how teens are taking the hottest styles and making it their own.

Step 1


Leggings have made a comeback, and they are among the favorite in clothing for all ages today. But teens have taken the simple legging and shown adults new ways to wear them, with style.

Teens have found that pairing leggings with clothing meant for wearing alone has transformed them into a must-have in their closet. Teens enjoy pairing their leggings not only with long sweaters and with tops but with skirts and shorts today, creating a unique look that works.

Step 2

Skinny Jeans

Clothing for teens is all about style and pushing the limits. Skinny jeans are something that teens of all sizes are taking to new heights. Like leggings, they are wearing them in ways that many adults do not dare, such as paired with a cropped shirt or under their skirts for a whole new clothing look.

Step 3

Oversized Blouses

Blouses have made a comeback in clothing for teens, but in a bigger way. An oversized blouse paired with a pair of skinny jeans and boots is a hot new teen look. But it doesn’t stop there, for teens, their clothing says something about them so wearing t-shirts with big blouses opened at the front is the perfect way to add a girly touch with attitude.

Step 4

Girly dresses

Teens love trends, but they never set themselves to one complete look. They like for their clothing to mix and match and create new styles in minutes. Girly dresses, even for the teen with attitude is a hot trend now. But forget the little girl dresses they wore in grade school, now they choose floaty skirt with fitted tops, and wear them above the knees. To give the dresses attitude, they may wear them with a pair of biker boots or chunky shoes for a girly twist.

Step 5

Mini-skirts and Shorty shorts

Mini-skirts and shorty shorts are nothing new in clothing for teens, but how they wear them is. Pairing their short skirts and shorts with leggings and tights is the hottest thing right now. But not just simple black leggings or tights, now it is all about color. Teens love color and wearing brightly colored or even printed leggings and tights with their favorite short skirt or short shorts is the hottest new clothing look for teens now.


For parents, do not stress about your teens newest looks. Like fashion trends, teens change their style and look several times a year. They won’t wear that short skirt you hate so much for long, before you know it they will be wearing something else in no time.

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By Lucy Beam, published at 03/05/2012
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