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How To Design Clothing For Kids And Little Girls

How to design kids’ girl’s clothing

If you are on the mission to get your little princess dressed up in the way you like, then there are a few tips and tricks to design kids’ girls clothing. Since the proportion of the body of a girl is small, you can make use of an image torn out from any magazine source in, which a child is in a standing position so as to get a clear view about the design that you have in your mind. Since, your designing is focused on kids girls clothing, it is very important that your designing does not include any sort of hangings or loose details. Preferred designing for kids girls clothing includes flat embellishments like the heartily tacked bows, appliqué works and embroidery, which is the best designing option for them.

Step 1

Below mentioned are the step wise instructions through, which you can design kids girls clothing easily and as per your requirement.

Instruction to make kids girls clothing

• Initially lay your design paper on a flat surface such as a table.

Step 2

• Now lay down the magazine cut-out of the kids girls clothing behind that paper, so as to have a view of the baby’s body underneath.

Step 3

• The next step for kids’ girls clothing is to make a selection of the fabric or the combination of the fabric you are to use for the designer wear. The point to be noted here is that the selected fabric should be soft and thin as scratchy or thick kids’ girls clothing are very irritating for them. If you are designing in the summer season, the fabric should comprise from lawn, cotton poplin, rib or light weighted jersey. Moreover, the fabric, which is in contact with the kids’ body surface, should always be cotton or any other soft blended fabric.

Step 4

• With the help of a pencil, sketch out the bodice of the kids girls clothing by using the body of the baby as a template for placement. Another tip is that when designing kids girl clothing, the bodice should be extended not below than the range of underarms and should be drawn out to be curved or horizontally straight. The next step is to draw the neckline of the outfit. In this regard, if you are designing the neckline short, make sure that you give an opening to it so that the head can pass easily from within it.

Step 5

• Now draw in the skirt or pant, whatever is your selection.


• Also sketch out the sleeves if required. The sleeves can be short, straight, long or puffed from the cap, woven, knitted or any combination of your choice for the kids’ girls clothing.

Sources and Citations

• Now is the time to draw in any sort of embellishments you prefer in your kids girls clothing, which can include bows, embroidery, appliqué work and other designs. Place these embellishments properly around the neckline, or on the other part of the bodice. You can also use these embellishments in contrast to give it a cute look.

• Now is the time to put your drawn out plan in action and get the kids girls clothing ready to make your little one look like a princess.

By Ali Muhammad Ali Butt, published at 02/26/2012
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