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The Hottest Clothing Trends For Pants


There are a lot of styles of pants clothing on the market ranging from wide leg pants to baggy and skinnies, with high waist or low waist, boot cut or others. But even though they all look great, not all of them are considered to be in fashion. Every year designers like Donna Karan, Calvin Klein and many others set the hottest clothing trends for pants by repeating in their seasonal collections a certain style of these apparels.

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One of the hottest clothing trends for pants these days are the skinny pants. Available in clothing materials like denim, cotton, twill, spandex and many others, this style is characterized by a tight fit following the thigh line and continuing until the ankles. Popularized by famous actresses like Marilyn Monroe or famous singers like Elvis Presley, the skinny pants trend had a lot of ups and downs so far.

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Yet, for almost ten years now, they are the piece of resistance of both women and men’s wardrobes because of the quality of being very versatile garments. The best thing about them is that they can be adapted to almost any style of clothing, ranging from street wear to casual-elegant apparel and even to office style if the skinnies are combined with the right accessories, tops and shoes.

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Therefore, wear those clothing pants with some ballerina flats and a large blazer or T-shirt for a Street look or wear them with high heels and a glittering top for a night out with friends.

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Regardless of the age and body type, petite or plus size, this slim cut can highlight women’s femininity by revealing their body shape and in the same time can look very masculine for men who wears it, if the cut is a little bit loose on thighs. Fans of this clothing trend for pants can buy them from local markets or from online sellers like,,, and many others. Here you have the possibility to choose between top brand names like Levi’s, Diesel, Nike or DC. Price range is for every pocket, between 25$ and 200$.

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Since the retro influences are in fashion again, another hot clothing trend for pants, which designers like Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Taylor or Chris Benz seem to promote throughout their collection are the high waisted skinny pants. This is the result of many debates between fashion makers who, on one hand, wanted to keep the low-rise skinny pants as their piece of resistance, and on the other hand, there were others who wanted to kick down this too long lasting trend to make a way for the wide leg pants. Therefore, high waisted skinny pants or jeans are the up to date version of low-rise ones and come with many benefits for women’s silhouette like a longer appearance of their legs and a beautiful hourglass shape of their body. The best thing about them is that, even though this trend is new, you don’t have to change your entire wardrobe to pair them with something on the top part of the body. As long as you insert the tops in the pants and you keep the waist line visible, you can use your old baggy T-shirts or collared shirts without being afraid of looking weird.


All this said, the hottest clothing trend for pants ever is represented by the slim cut of the skinnies which seem to resist in men’s and women’s wardrobe for many years.

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