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Top Clothing Styles For Your Body Type

Published at 03/09/2012 18:12:25


There are clothing styles for every body type, with more or less generous curves, petite or tall. As long as you appreciate correctly your body shape, the first step to look your best is already achieved.

There are generally five body categories which women fall into: pear-shaped, apple-shaped, hourglass, straight and strawberry-shaped. None of these are better than the other because all have their pros and cons.

The pear shaped women enjoy the advantage of having prominent bottoms and hips. The right top clothing style for them to adopt is the one which puts in balance the lower part of the body with the upper part. Therefore, if you want you bust to stand out just as your thighs do, choose bright colored shirts because these are known to give the impression of a fuller chest. Ruffled T-shirts molded on the waist are perhaps the best top clothing to go for if you fall in this body category.


Apple-shaped people have generous forms on the upper side of the body, including the waist line. The right top clothing styles for your body type are the ones which highlight beautifully your chest in the detriment of your waist and also, tops should be longer than the thigh line for a more refined silhouette. Fashion experts all agree that the tunic style looks the best on the apple body shape. Choose a V-neck top, in a color which complements your eyes and skin tone and get out there with confidence because you have something that every woman would dye for: a full chest and nicely shaped thighs.

If you are one of those women with a straight body vertical line, whose waist width is approximately equal to the shoulders, bust and hips width, then the top clothing style which suits you must highlight either the waist or the chest line. Therefore, accessorize your T-shirts with a matching belt for thinning the mid line or go for round-neck in order to augment the torso or bust line. Ruffles and other details like all sorts of beads or sequins applied to the chest area will also improve the appearance of your body shape.

Strawberry shaped women enjoy the advantage of the wide shoulders, big chest and more or less small bottom. If you are not satisfied with this shape you can refine it by adopting the top clothing style which adds fullness to your thighs while balancing the neck line. Go for a top with ruffles on the thighs and a V type of neck if you want to look the best.

Tips and comments

In conclusion, you don’t have to be one of those hourglass-shaped women to stand out from the crowd. As long as you are aware of your body type, with the right top clothing style you can highlight the features you are proud of and hide the ones which do not favor you.