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Clothing trends for women’s tops have changed over time from simple T-shirts, to tank top style, from crop top above the waistline to tube top styles. Even though we might consider some of them strange, once upon the time, these were favorites of most among us.


If we are to speak about the latest clothing trends for clothing women’s tops, then you should know that the prevailing feature of most of the spring-summer collection this year is the lightweight fabric, embellished with all sorts of refined details like pleats, sweet weaves and wrinkles. The main idea is to soften the women’s silhouette in order to reveal the femininity of any body shape, ranging from petite to tall, pear, apple, straight, hourglass or strawberry shaped bodies.

When it comes to color trends for clothing women’s tops, coral shades of red are what designers propose to daring feminine figures, black horizontal stripes are in fashion for casual outfits making a way for the nautical stream on the catwalk, for business occasions, white and black combinations prove once again they are timeless and for elegant social events, designers combine the lace floral motifs with colorful silk.

Women’s tops which follow this clothing trend are already available at the local market or at online sellers like,,, or others. Top brand names like Merona, Splendid, Eddie Bauer or Avenue have updated their collections of women’s tops to fit the season’s tendencies described above.


From long sleeves to short sleeved tops, tunic shirts, camisoles, blouses and jerseys, all types of women's apparel have at least one detail which designers proposed as being on trend this year. Prices are for every pocket and range from $20 to a few hundred dollars, depending on the reputation of the brand and also on the seller. One of the most interesting top styles, following the latest trends is called the Batwing top. You can buy ine online like this for around $15 from New Look. The round form of the neck line and the monochromatic floral print add fullness to bust line and makes this great streetwear top suitable for skinny women. For a night out with friends, New Look encourages women to adopt a bold outfit made entirely from a pink see-through type of lace which will surely draw all the attention towards the one who wears this top.

Still, even though you are looking forward to try the latest clothing trends for women’s tops, take care what you choose because there are some styles which highlight your best features and others which might not favor certain aspects of your silhouette. For example, if you have a straight body shape, then take your mind off the wanted trendy tunics because they will look baggy on you. Being fashionable does not mean that you have to compromise your body shape for the sake of that style of top or that color that all women wear.

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All this being said, the latest clothing trends for women’s tops have one thing in common: all aim to soften the body shape of women with the aid of lightweight fabrics and floral motifs.

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