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Davidson Clothing has been providing fine clothing for men since 1910. The company celebrated its ‘Decade of Style’ in 2010. Some of the services Davidson Clothing offers include custom tailoring, alterations for products, personal shopping and it also provides gift vouchers for loved ones. The business has been in the family for generation and is currently headed by Larry Davidson. The store has been a recognized upscale menswear store for years.


The Davidson clothing company was formed in 1900 by Joe Davidson. His inborn sense of style fuelled his passion to work in the clothing industry; these were the times when the clothing trend was shifting from handmade garments to ready to wear clothing. Joe initially landed a job in a small clothing store, after learning the ropes of the business, in 1910 he married the daughter of his employer; Daisy Belle and also set up his first clothing store in Roanoke. He kept his store going through the Great Depression and after the World War he handed over the operations to his son. Sig Davidson added a store in downtown Blackmore in 1959 and doubled its size within two years. The business kept booming and the Davidson Company saw growth throughout the coming years.


Being a fine clothing company Davidson clothing offers custom tailoring as its main service. Its forte is tailoring suits, shirts and slacks. However alterations for products are also available, products bought at other shops are also altered. The delivery time for a custom product is often fifteen days or less. The store offers a great range of cloth variety for suits, shirts etc. The company website also offers advice for getting suits and shirts custom made, from Larry Davidson the current President himself. The two main flagship stores the company has are still in the same place as they were, when the company was started by Joe Davidson and then later added on by Sig Davidson. This old school feel emphasizes the class and luxury of a Davidson suit. The integrity and goodwill of the business lies not in the number of its stores but the personal touch they provide to their customers. Davidson clothes have a legacy of being made by a family whose connection to clothing is a century old and who was good enough to survive in times of economic hardships like the Great Depression.

Tips and comments

Having a great tailor made suit requires having a good reputable tailor first of all, and then choosing excellent fabric. Fabric choice makes all the difference to the look, feel and price of a suit. Fabrics range from low grade fabric i.e. 80, to high grade fabrics like super 180’s. Get the tailor to measure you properly because that makes all the difference to the fall of a suit. Discuss with him what style of will suit you two button or three button, double or single breasted etc. Davidson clothing offers all these services, of good tailors, good fashion advise and good quality price under one roof.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/26/2012
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