About Clothing Trends For Trousers
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About Clothing Trends For Trousers

Published at 02/26/2012 20:54:38


About Clothing Trends For Trousers

Trousers are every working woman’s best friends. They are versatile, available in several different designs and very practical. Most women would agree that skirts are impractical for workplaces. More often than not, clothes that reveal too much make bosses take women less seriously at work. Trousers clothing is not only decent to wear in offices it can also be dressed up to look sexy without looking trashy. For working women trouser clothing is thus an excellent choice.


In the west trousers clothing has traditionally been a man’s garment, women have traditionally worn skirts and dresses. However in the late 19th century trousers started to become slightly more socially acceptable for women, but mostly who lived in farms and helped with the fieldwork. During the Second Great War however, women used to wear their husbands trousers when they participated in the war effort, driving ambulances, helping in hospitals etc. In the 1970s trousers became fashionable clothing for women, mainly because of the passing of the amendment that gave equal education rights to males and females and abolished the need for a dress code in schools. This started a mass change in clothing trends in public.


Trousers clothing has been in vogue for many years and this year it’s no exception as well. There are various styles of trousers available. The more popular ones this year being pants with a classic waistline, these include tight fitting pants as well as ankle length ones. Trousers with different waistlines are also available, medium, high and low. Pants which are wide and voluminous are still the rage with many fashion designers, and bell bottomed pants are now also making a comeback. Bell bottoms can be used with a high waistline for a chic bohemian look. However, the classic waistline trouser is the one which is the most important item to have in your closet this season; it accents your waist and makes your legs look longer. Other styles include narrow slender trouser which show off skinny legs. Knitwear trousers are also an excellent option, for colder regions they serve a dual purpose the knitwear material being flowy or stretchy as per the design of the trouser, it makes one look chic as well as keeping you warm on cooler days.

Tips and comments

Trousers clothing is an every season staple for most famous designers. Giorgio Armani and Michael Kors have paired trousers up with dresses this time around. They can also be paired with blouses which can be tucked in the trousers waistline to accent the waist. Tight fitting trousers are more ideal for girls who are on the skinnier side, using a tuck in blouse with them will make your legs look longer which is an ideal tip for petite girls. Pairing trousers up with heels will give you a sexy look for the office which is classy and suited to office environments. Pear shaped women should wear wide legged trousers which draw attention away from the hips to the ankles making one appear narrower, short bulky women should however avoid this style