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Where To Shop For Trendy Toddler Clothing


If you have a toddler, then you're probably used to buying lots of cute toddler clothing for your little one. Whether a boy or girl, you want your toddler looking up to date, fashionable and trendy. There are a lot of department stores as well as specialty toddler clothing stores that sell only the most trendy toddler clothing.


When trying to dress your toddler trendy, keep in mind that bright colors are a must have. Along with bright colors, a trendy toddler should have some creative and unique pieces in her or his wardrobe as well. When buying trendy toddler clothing, you don't want to spend too much money, only because children tend to dirty, stain and ruin clothing very quickly. It's suggested you have a certain budget when shopping for your toddler as you don't want to buy an expensive outfit and then it be ruined just after the first day your child as worn it.


Some popular stores that sell trendy toddler clothing are:

The Baby Gap: The Gap is not only known for junior and adult clothing but they are also popular among mothers looking to buy cute and inexpensive toddler clothing. The Baby Gap has everything your toddler needs from basic tee's to premium denim. The Baby Gap also has a ton of sales, weekly, making it easier on your wallet.

JC Penny: JC Penny is also another great department store where you can get all of your toddler clothing needs. They have their own toddler clothing section, online and in- store. The prices are a competitive with other stores but they offer name brand and designer labels and toddler trend setter apparel. JC Penny is also a great place to buy toddler clothing for special occasions, like Easter.

The Children's Place: The Children's Place is one of the best stores for trendy toddler clothing. This store only carries baby, toddler and youngster clothing and has fantastic deals. They are always up to date with what's fashionable and always have the best prices.

Carters: Carters is known for their toddler clothing. They sell adorable outfits for up to 40% off of what other stores would be selling the exact same outfits for. They have everything from the essentials to unique and eye popping apparel for your toddler.

Old Navy: Old Navy is not just for adults on a budget but is also a lead runner in the toddler clothing world. Old Navy is known for their amazing sales, which go on weekly. Old Navy is not only a great place to buy creative and one of a kind pieces but it is also a great place to pick up some of the basics like pajamas, jeans, hoodies and swim suits or trunks.

Tips and comments

When buying toddler clothing, try to only pick pieces that will suit your child's personality. A lot of the store's mentioned above, have free shipping discounts when buying online, so that can save you a bit of cash. If you want to include your toddler in your shopping for them, bring them along and ask their opinion on certain outfits. Of course, your little one may not always have a say in what to buy, but it's a good way to spend time with them and to include them in the process.

By Nicole Marie, published at 02/29/2012
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