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New Clothing Trends For Spring

Published at 02/27/2012 18:05:21


 Every year, designers and models introduce the new clothing for the season coming up. You can see the runways filled with new, trendy and unique styles, making it easier for us fashionista's to see what's in style and what is trending. There are so many new clothing styles currently available, allowing us to update our wardrobe or just try a whole new look that satisfies our inner runway model.

New Clothing Trends

Cheerful Colors: A new clothing trend that is becoming widely popular is cheerful, bright and vibrant colors. Colors like orange, yellow, bright pink and maroon have been seen in runway shows through out the world. If you want to look like a glamor queen, stick to only three bright colors at a time in an outfit.

Bold Prints: Bold prints have also made a great come back. Prints like zebra, leopard, geometric shapes and parrot prints are known as popular and unique new clothing trends. Patterns are a vibrant and cool way to show off your inner animal.

Short Suits: Short suits do not look good on just anyone, you need to have the right type of body to wear this new clothing trend. However, short suits in different pink color tones are coming back! They consist of short shorts with a cute blazer and a sophisticated under shirt or chamomiles. This new clothing trend is the best for those with long legs.

Pastel Shades: Anything in a pastel color will definitely make heads turn. Pastel colors have made a huge come back, however you want to be weary that you don't look like a colored Easter egg. Sorbet shades and subtle hues are the best colors to go for. This new clothing trend gives off a very sophisticated and lady like charm.

Metallic Pieces: Metallic wrap skirts, leggings and slim trousers are the newest big thing when it comes to new clothing trends. Shiny bronze and emerald are the most popular colors in metallic pieces, making you stand out from the crowd and shine a bit!

Athletic Chic: Believe it or not, now wearing gym clothes as day to day attire is becoming more and more popular. A sporty look mixed in with some sophistication is definitely something different. Color blocked kicks, crisp tee's and colorful tracksuits are considered one of the most unique new clothing trends.

More New Trends

Some other new clothing trends and new bold trends include: bright lipsticks (in hot pink or red), platinum hair, nail art, bold and beautiful black eye liner, crochet vests, kitten heels, one shoulder v necks, vertical stripes and draw string shorts.


Everyone is different, therefore if you feel a certain new clothing trend doesn't suite you and your personality, then don't wear it. It's all about confidence, you can pull off wearing almost anything, if you have the confidence. It's also suggested you simply go shopping at a trendy store and try on all different new clothing styles. It doesn't mean you have to buy these certain pieces, it's just a good idea to experiment and see what goes well with your body and personality.