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Plus-Size Clothing Trends

Published at 02/25/2012 20:47:09


Plus-Size Clothing for both men and women is slowly becoming popular. Up until recent times finding good designs and patterns in clothing plus size people wear was very difficult. This was mainly due to the fact that manufactures mainly focused on people of general and smaller sizes. As average weight of middle age people is increasing the overall measurements of people are changing both in US and other countries the demand for fashionable Plus-Size clothing is on all time high. Due to increasing demands stores and top apparel brands are coming up with extensive Plus-Size Clothing. Recently fashion shows and expos are also being conducted targeting clothing plus size people are likely to prefer.


Trends that will make you stand out even in a crowd

Before jumping on the latest trend one must be aware that we must dress in tune with our body shape. No two people are made the same. This holds true also for plus-sized women. While some are apple shaped and some pear shaped. It’s best to understand our body shape before buying clothes. While designers are churning out hot trends of clothing plus size would love to wear but beware of these common fashion mistakes done by most plus sized women. While a good pair of fit Denim jeans can make you look hot but for pear shaped women matching it with a proper tops is important. Otherwise you end up looking with heavy on your bottom.

Coming back to jeans you will find that wide legged Denims are out and boot cut pants with flares latest Trend this season. Neatly Draped garments are in again especially tops with over the shoulder design and fabulous fabrics bring your curves out without looking too flashy. Asymmetric hems in tunics and tops are also very popular. Also don’t forget to accessorize another stylists point out is clothing plus sized women wear without matching accessories. Proper accessories that match the clothes you are wearing drastically increases the style and appeal of the clothes. Try accessories like a thin belts, Boots and big coolers. Big belts and pointed toe shoes are off this season. Don’t forget to get your set of trendy jackets and skirts. Long Skirts especially long good and cover up if you have a heavy bottom. Jackets will especially suit pear shaped women.


Clothing Trends for men

While a lot has been said and done for clothing plus size women wear. But Clothing for plus sized men is gaining importance slowly. This season’s hot pick for men is blazers yes you heard it correct blazers. Blazer is a must for every man and a plus sized mans wardrobe is no exception. Choose a versatile color so it can be worn almost anywhere weddings, casinos and formal parties. Choose Pinstripes and other vertically striped patterns as they are more suitable to plus sized men. Sweaters may keep you warm but this season they will make you look hot. Try some neutral colors and match up with some nice slacks.

Tips and comments

We have all come a long way since the time wear most plus sized people found it hard to find trendy clothes that fit. Now fashion and trends are no longer limited to the slim teenagers. Clothing plus sized people can wear with style and appeal is now a common phenomenon.