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Clothing Options To Wear With a Cardigan


There are various forms of winter wear we prefer to use in winters. We tend to use those winter wear which makes us look smart and stylish. Cardigan clothing is of those popular winter wears worn by people all across the world. But many people have a misconception that wearing cardigan, narrows down our choices of clothes. In fact, the case is almost opposite. Rather than suits and blazers, cardigan clothing has more options which can make us look even more attractive. In fact, in many situations cardigan clothing becomes the best option for all types of occasions including official parties and meetings. Therefore, we just need to be aware of the available choices in front of us.

Step 1

When you are attending parties cardigan clothing can be suited well with t-shirts, which has a contrasting color. For example, if you are wearing a deep blue cardigan, then opting for light colored t-shirts helps you in looking more attractive. You can even opt for two or three buttoned cardigans. In case, you want to look more casual than formal, you can keep the first one or two buttons of the cardigan unbuttoned also.

Step 2

Rather than considering formal pants, in cardigan clothing you can even opt for denims. If you are comfortable with tight denims, then you can wear them too. But you must remember that whatever you wear T-shirt or formal shirt, tuck it inside your denim and then wear the cardigan on the top. This will give your outlook a touch of smartness. Even if you are not comfortable with denims you can go for formal trousers or loose denims.

Step 3

When we talk about accessories along with cardigan clothing, we must remember that it should match properly with the outfit. For example, leather strapped watches can be worn. Steel or metal band watches generally suits with blazers. So it is better you opt for general leather strap wrist watches. Other accessories like wallets, bracelets, and even chain can be worn if anyone likes it. But remember, since cardigans display smart and sober outlook, do not cover yourself with extra accessories.


Other accessories like sunglasses can be worn along with cardigan clothing. For example, if you like a rather handsome, smart and serious look, then you can opt for aviator sunglasses along with your cardigan wear. It will not only increase your smartness level, but also display the sense of style you possess. People, who like wearing hats, can go for general flat cap Irish hats. Even a combination of both hat and sunglass can be sued.

additional tips

Footwear that we can associate along with cardigan clothing is generally based on the type of pants we have chosen. If we have opted for denims, then boot shoes or tapering shoes will look fine. If we have opted for formal trousers then formal flat shoes will be fine. We must remember that the footwear should also be chosen carefully. Formal shoes are completely meant for formal occasions and you should keep in mind that shoes must go well with the cardigan.

By AJ, published at 02/28/2012
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