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How To Mend Your Clothing Including Socks


Rips or tears can make even your brand new shirt look old and worn out. Now one can't possibly go out and buy new clothes every time he or she damages their clothes, so the best way to deal with accidental rips and tears is to mend them. Clothing socks, like all other pieces of clothing, are also prone to tears, rips and small holes. However, they are more susceptible to such damages since clothing socks are used the most and are thus also easily worn out. Learning to mend your clothes is an important quality which everyone should possess, and here are a few ways you can do so.

Step 1

First, to repair your clothing socks, keep in mind that you would require a few basic materials. These include sewing needles, threads and scissors. Be sure to pick out different colored threads since socks are usually multicolored and you would not want to do your handiwork in a different color, as that would make the repair really obvious. All of these accessories are readily available in all types of markets and superstores, so it is best to stock up on them whenever you do shopping, instead of having to look for one of these items in an emergency.

Step 2

After you have gotten the necessary supplies, now is the time to actually start the mending and repairing portion of your work. Do not get scared! You will not have to learn how to stitch or sew just to mend a small hole in your clothing socks. There are simple steps involved in solving the problem. First, try to get the hole in the sock to appear as large as possible. You can do so by asking someone else to hold the sock. If you are alone, put the sock over a bulb or a can, so that the hole is stretched out and clearly visible.

Step 3

Next, put a matching thread in a sewing needle. Try to get a thread as similar to the original color as possible. This will not only make the repair more inconspicuous, but will also make sure that your clothing socks do not appear damaged, or crudely repaired.

Step 4

After that, surround the hole in the clothing socks with as many stitches as required. Smaller holes will require lesser number of stitches and bigger holes will require more. Making a stitch is not really as difficult as it seems. Just push the sewing needle inside the sock from one end and pull out the needle out the other. It is important to note that you should only make as small stitches as possible so as not to ruin the shape of the sock.

Step 5

Finally, take your clothing socks off the can or light bulb and admire your handiwork. If the stitches appear crude, you can finish off by making them neat using scissors or blades. However be careful so as not to damage the stitches or the socks.


Mending clothing socks can be an easy task if you practice, so make sure not to discard your old and worn out clothing socks and use them for practice. Once you are expert at mending, it would take you less than 15 minutes to get the job done, and you will end up saving a lot of money on clothing.

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