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About Clothing Options To Wear With a New Suit


Fashion is one of the biggest and most popular industries of the world which can be dated back to centuries which started basically from English men and their rich and royal apparel. Years kept fleeing by and fashion took various forms in various countries setting trends creating taboos. It became a very significant word in the human dictionary when it came to clothing and apparel. A suit is often worn to give the touch of professionalism and formality.


A man is more of a man when he wears a suit and a man’s wardrobe without a clothing suit is undeniably incomplete. Clothing suits for men aren’t confined to their stereotypical image of office wear only. In modern day, men are extremely conscious about their attire and they choose to wear top brands to give their attire that impeccable professional touch. Men’s clothing suit can be worn on various occasions. These include formal gatherings, presentations, office wear, weddings and funerals in some cases.


When men are choosing a clothing suit, they need to be more considerate about their individuality and the type of clothing suits that will fit best on their personality. There are many innovative ways that men can make use to make them appear good with their new suit. The traditional man wears his clothing suit with trouser pants for a touch of elegance, however if a classic Mayfair morning suit is worn with the modern look of denim it can give you a smart and casual look. The material of the suit will make the entire look vary from one event to another. A dinner jacket or a waistcoat enhances the look. It is extremely important to choose the right dress shirt with your clothing suit. The shirts should be made of a fairly high quality to ensure comfort, durability and a food fit. The fitting of your shirt will make a great deal of difference. Some of the well-known fabrics used for dress shirts are oxford, pinpoint fabric, twill, woven twill and herringbone. The dress shirts made from these materials are luxurious, light and smooth. The formal look that a man is aiming to achieve on a formal occasion is incomplete without a matching tie. There are various famous brands such as Marks and Spencer, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Abercrombie and Fitch, Louis Vuitton and Gucci that cater especially to men for that flawless look with a suit. Socks and shoes play just as important a role as dress shirts and ties. If you want to achieve the complete look with little accessories such as cufflinks, a watch and a belt, then the occasion has to be considered too.

Tips and comments

If you are wearing platinum or a diamond studded watch on a job interview, you will get extra points for that. Jewelry such as gold chains, rings, pendants and necklaces can all add to your suits look on a wedding function, however try to wear light jewelry on a business meeting. If you are going on a serious occasion, wear a blue or black tie. Make sure to pick the right shoes and keep a pair of black shoes in your closet as they match most men’s suits. They are also a great signal of style and status.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/27/2012
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