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Skirts are the one piece of apparel that women own that can never ever go out of style! Men love to see women bare their legs and it gives women a chance to show off their great pins and remain cool during the summers as well. As with all other types of clothing, these skirts come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Some sizes even cater to the conservative mind i.e. nuns and other religious women. Needless to say, they still look great, depending on whether one’s comfortable in them and has an ability to pull them off. Whatever style you carry is up to you as long as you feel confident and beautiful. You can choose the length depending on your comfort level


Clothing skirts didn’t come into existence recently, but they have been around for quite some time now. Not only were they designed for women, but for men in some cultures too. Kilts, the traditional wear of the Scottish is for men, Indians have a version of the skirt that is wrapped around and skirts are worn by the Indonesian men. However, clothing skirt are predominantly a women’s clothing item. Indians have a long tradition with skirts too. The South Indian traditional dress worn by the women or a long skirt worn with a blouse and a long stole, North and western Indian traditional dress teamed with a tight fitting blouse are all different forms of long skirts. The skirts have evolved over time in many different ways. You could say that the popularity of skirts can be attributed to its versatility – you could wear a skirt to a strictly formal occasion such as a business dinner, a semi formal occasion such as a party to celebrate your boss’ success or even to a casual movie and dinner with your friends. The best part about skirts is that you can look unique every day, wearing the same clothing skirt, if you just alter the top and various other noticeable aspects of your dress.


Straight clothing skirts are really pretty and suitable for most occasions, since they come in longer lengths as well and are fitted perfectly around the backside. Pencil skirts are even thinner and are fitted versions of this very dress. Wrap skirts are not worn out that much as they have a rather unflattering look which makes women seem large in more places than others. Therefore, these can just be worn around at home for ease and their convenience of being opened up easily. Miniskirts are the shortest version out there. Flared skirts are great for young girls because they give off a very fresh and hip vibe, plus these are the only skirts that come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Tips and comments

One must wear a clothing skirt , keeping in mind the body shape. Usually large people shouldn’t wear skirts and the only acceptable forms for them are flared or long wraparound skirts. It’s not a good thing to wear skirts with dirty and unshaved legs. Every woman who likes wearing skirts should keep a razor handy and shave at least twice a week to avoid unsightly hair being visible.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/28/2012
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