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5 Tips For Caring For the Equipment Used To Make Clothing

Published at 03/01/2012 05:32:53


There are numerous pieces of clothing equipment required in order to make high quality and professional clothing at home. These include sewing machines, needles, fabrics, iron and dress makers scissors. If you wish for these items to aid in your producing quality pieces of clothing you will need to look after them properly and in a suitable manner. In this article we have provided five tips on how to look after various pieces of clothing equipment so they serve their purpose to the utmost quality. 

Step 1

The sewing machine is the most useful and efficient piece of clothing equipment that sewers have in their sewing kit. Thus it needs to be taken care of in an efficient and thorough manner. There are a few things that you can do to your sewing machine to keep it in pristine condition, these include lubricating it with oil occasionally, cleaning lint out of the bobbin case, wipe it down with a clean cloth frequently and vacuum with a small sized vacuum cleaner in all the nooks and crannies. 

Step 2

The second piece of clothing equipment that needs to be kept maintained are sewing scissors. When cutting fabric, never be overly forceful with the scissors, as this can cause the scissors to become misaligned. This piece of clothing equipment should never be dropped carelessly on the floor, for this will certainly cause noticeable damage and therefore interfere with their ability to cut. A clean cloth should be used to wipe them down on a regular basis as well as an occasional douse of oil on the blades to prohibit rusting and sticking. Sewing scissors should be stored in a cool, dry place to prevent any damage being inflected upon them via environmental factors.

Step 3

Fabric is the next item of clothing equipment we will discuss. Fabric should be kept in a clean, moisture free environment to prohibit the fabric from developing unsightly stains and repelling odors. 

Step 4

The iron is an essential part of a clothing equipment kit as it is responsible for providing wrinkle free and smooth material. To make sure that it remains in the best condition, there are a number of tasks that you should perform. The steam ports of the iron needs to be kept free from debris and other obtrusive matter, poking a thin wire in them occasionally can prevent them from becoming blocked. To clean the inside, fill the iron's tank with white vinegar and water. Leave to soak for a while and let it steam out naturally whilst you iron. The sole plate can also be wiped down with white vinegar. The iron should be kept stored in a clean area and in an upright position. 

Step 5

Lets finish off with the iron board, a fixture which allows you to comfortably iron your dress fabric. This clothing equipment should be covered with a suitable piece of fabric, to ensure that the ironing board itself does not get infected with heat damage. Additionally the ironing board cover should be washed occasionally. 


The primary clothing equipment of sewing machines should be brought in for a professional service every so often to ensure that it stays in top condition.