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Clothing Tips For Buying Sleepwear


Many people spend hours scouring the racks looking for that ideal pair of jeans or top to make them look amazing. What these same people don't realize is the importance of finding the right sleepwear. Wearing ill-fitting sleepwear is just like wearing any other type of clothing that doesn't quite fit. It can make for an uncomfortable night's sleep, which affects every other facet of your life. Use a few tips and tricks to find the right sleepwear clothing to ensure you get a restful night's sleep.

Step 1

Feel the material to find the right type of sleepwear clothing. Satin and silk are popular materials, and will cost more than nightgowns, boxers and sleep pants constructed from cotton. Save your money on sleepwear clothing you plan on wearing daily by choosing items constructed from cotton. Satin and silk are acceptable for special occasions, and must be cared for properly to ensure they last. Stay away from sleepwear clothing constructed from heavy, itchy materials. This includes polyester and wool. Polyester doesn't breathe and will cause you to sweat all night long. Wool is itchy and also makes for an uncomfortable night's sleep.

Step 2

When it comes to sleepwear clothing, bigger is generally better. Nothing is more comfortable than wearing an oversized pajama shirt or pants, especially on a cold winter's night. Stay away from sleepwear clothing that is too small and binding. The key to finding the right sleepwear clothing is to be comfortable, so don't be afraid to try on the pieces at the department store. The only place where the "bigger is better" rule doesn't generally apply is lingerie. Fit is key when buying more intimate sleepwear clothing, so once again, try on the pieces before you purchase.

Step 3

Launder your sleepwear clothing according to the label's directions. For cotton pieces, this generally involves washing the clothing on a regular cycle with like-colored pieces. Satin and silk pieces, unless they're a polyester blend, usually require hand washing. If this is the case, hand wash the lingerie in lukewarm water with a mild or delicate detergent. Rinse out the delicate sleepwear clothing with lukewarm water and fold the pieces in a towel to dry. Allow delicate satin or silk lingerie to air dry only. The pieces dry very quickly, so it won't be long before you're storing the pieces.

Step 4

Store your clothing sleepwear according to the fabric as well. For the most part, cotton or blend pieces can be folded and placed inside a cabinet or dresser without much care. Once again, satin and silk pieces require greater care. Never store satin or silk sleepwear clothing inside a plastic container, which includes storing the lingerie inside a plastic garment bag. These pieces require room to breathe, and storing them inside plastic doesn't provide an environment conducive to adequate care.


Many types of satin and silk sleepwear clothing that are a polyester blend can withstand the rigors of a machine washing. Once again, read the label before placing the pieces inside the washing machine.
Your most delicate sleepwear clothing might require dry cleaning. If this is the case, don't attempt to launder the pieces at home.

By Jamie Zwyzinski, published at 02/28/2012
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