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What You Should Know About Suits Clothing


The phenomenon of suits clothing has been associated mainly with formal wear for men and women. However it is usually associated with males more than females. The idea of suits clothing has evolved with time, but the basic idea of formal wear has remained the same. The workability of the suit in the every day routine varies with the type, like there is two piece or three piece suits. Supplementary with the suits are items like necktie or a bow and sometimes a waistcoat.


Suits clothing has generally been associated with Western form of clothing, and west has been associated with its introduction. Many citation of such form of clothing can be seen in early literature works by the likes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Charles Dickens. This style of clothing contrasted with the bejeweled and heavily embroidered formal dresses of the past. In the 19th century, suits clothing took a centre stage as formal type of clothing generally every where. Much of this development and preference to this style was seen as a movement towards a more comfortable type of clothing. Even by British standards, this format was different from what was worn in the Victorian era. Fashion moved towards comfort and mobility rather than rigidity and more glamour.


If one were to summarize the main features of suits clothing, then we can say that it includes the cut, fabric and the jacket. These are the general essential feature that defines the basic skeleton of clothing. Despite of much modification, these three elements are maintained in the suits clothing. The basic variation in the clothing is added with the usage and style of front button, lapels, pockets, sleeves and vents. The first feature is the cut which is generally described as the silhouette. The entire balance of the suit depends on the cut and is used to add balance to the suit. In this way it fits the body in a manner that is balanced and neither tight nor loose. This is why one often doesn't see any wrinkles in this form of clothing. A simple example of the cut in suits would be double breasted/single breasted suits. The second feature of a suit is the fabric that is used. The most often used material is wool and its variants. Summer suits routinely use linen or a modified fiber from fiber. Tweed has also been popular for a long time. Generally formal suiting is characterized by a single tone of color, but some other patterns like pinstripe also are in vogue. The third feature is the jacket which is going to add the basic outlook of the suit. By modifying the jacket with the addition of lapels or button, the outlook can be changed.


With this form of clothing it is generally preferred that one goes for a tailored approach rather than buying them ready made. The reason is this that ready made might not fit over the shoulders or back properly and consequently doesn't give the desired effect. Custom made suits may cost more but they are definitely worth it. The entire suit has been designed to fit your body and give maximum possible pleasing-to-the-eye look.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/29/2012
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