What You Should Know About Pink Clothing
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What You Should Know About Pink Clothing

Published at 02/28/2012 16:08:49


What You Should Know About Pink Clothing

The color “pink” is said to be the favorite color among the teenage girls. Pink clothing is not only trendy; it looks chic and gives out a feminine look. Your pink clothing will never go out of fashion. Just like girls will always be girls, pink will always be pink! Pink clothing is not just for teen girls, it is also for the ladies. They get a young and fresh look that’s cute and hot by pink clothing. From shoes to accessories, if you are all dressed up in different shades of pick, you have a perfect look. The best contrasts with the color pink become a part of your pink clothing. The most favorites of the teens are the black and hot pink contrasts. This trend never seems to go out of fashion. But let me tell you, as the men are also becoming more open to a wider range of colors, pink clothing is something they would definitely go for at least once.


If you go back to the 80’s, you will find out that the color “pink” actually popped out in a movie playing in a theatre. Now obviously the young girls are too much inspired by what the media shows them. The movie “Fame” had the color hot pink quite attractive in it. Since then, pink clothing has become something very trendy and fashionable. And it seems that this color is here to stay. Whether you talk about the hot pink or much lighter shades of the color, every shade is included in pink clothing.


The most attractive feature about pink clothing is that it never goes out of fashion. Whether it is ice cold weather or the sun seems to be blazing, pink is something that looks great. The young girls even match up their cell phones and belts with their pink clothing. And for the ladies, the pink clothing is something that would give them a young and fresh look. Lighter shades of pink would make them look graceful and darker shades would make them look hot. There is nothing better than pink clothing in summers. Lighter shades of a pink dress will give you a complete chic look. Since the color is cool, it would never absorb any heat from its surroundings. Darker shades of pink will make you look chic in the winters. With just the slightest touch of pink color, you can transform your whole outfit to something new. Another feature of pink clothing is that it matches up with almost every color. If you want to make a contrast, pink goes with the right shades of all the colors. For example black and hot pink, royal blue and hot pink, baby pink and white and many more.

Tips and comments

The color “pink” has such as attractive feature about it that many labels have included their color to their name. Sine the girls would crazy after anything that even smells like pink, the companies know how to attract them. This season, even though a lot of new colors were introduced, the pink clothing stayed where it has always been. Pink clothing not only makes you look trendy, but also graceful depending upon what you choose to wear. It is not necessary that you wear everything pink from top to bottom; even a slight touch of pink in your outfit will make it pink clothing. For example, if you are wearing a short black skirt with a white top, you can always wear hot pink socks that grasp the attention of the people. Another way is to wear a scarf or a muffler that shows off your outfit. Pink clothing is never something that looks overdone with the right choices of shades. With matching bag, pair of shoes and shades, you are ready to go.