What You Should Know About Intimates Clothing
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What You Should Know About Intimates Clothing

Published at 02/28/2012 20:18:11


What You Should Know About Intimates Clothing

Intimates in clothing generally includes items like lingerie, corsets, or theme associated intimates, like bridal and leather. Normally this form of clothing is used to add to the sex appeal of the individual. This form of clothing has been associated with women of bold personality. Some consider swimwear and Halloween costumes to be of a sexy nature in intimateclothing as well. While this form of clothing is available in a wide variety of designs and cuts, the most important thing is the quality of the fabric. Only the ones of quality survive longer which have been made out of durable material.


If we are to take a look at the historical perspective, intimates in clothing were generally in the under garments category. It later evolved into undergarments which had an underlying erotic association. This started with the launch of dress items like sleeveless suits which evolved into tops. Then we had the time of bikini based underwear and associated terms like thongs, and finally G strings. This is now generally included in the swimwear category of intimates in clothing. As opposed to underwear, corsets were a frequently worn item in the British Empire. While the basic outlook has been kept the same, the modern corset is designed to add appeal to the bodily features, and fits tight.


What You Should Know About Intimates Clothing

The main feature of intimates in clothing is the usage of a stretchable material. In majority of the intimates, it is Spandex. Good quality of intimates in clothing would have this fabric and endure for a longer period of time. Fabrics that appear flashy to the eyes are also used. Latex and leather are a common textile used, where the clothing is designed to fit the body tightly and add a sex appeal to the person wearing it. The recent era has seen much innovation in this field, with high end companies coming up with this form of clothing. As opposed to previous times, now some of the main designer labels produce this form of dress in their collections. Many perceive this form of clothing as underwear which is used as outerwear. Certain thematic dresses also fall under this category. For instance, Halloween dresses are often produced in this way to portray a particular character. Corsets have been modified to mimic the women who had lived in old Britain. Different forms of clothing are available, and they have been given different names based upon their function. Body stocking type clothing is generally targeted for women with a lean figure, while women with a healthy figure can opt for a strapless corset, so there are multiple options available for all.

Tips and comments

Intimates in clothing are used for a wide variety of purposes, and one should be aware that which ones are for what type of activity. This means that one wouldn’t buy a fashion based intimate for dressing fo rthe gym. For workouts, there are other forms of intimates available. The key element is that one knows the material being used and its flexibility level. Another thing is that some times there is a social taboo associated with such clothes, so they should be worn with care.