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Clothing Design Tips For Making a Shirt


It is never easy to go for shopping. When you are out to get something, there is nothing worse than not finding anything at the end of a shopping spree. What could be better than being able to design your own t-shirts? Nowadays the world of graphics has enabled us to make our own shirts. Through graphics, we can easily draw up whatever shirt clothing design we want on our shirts. The thing with shirt clothing is that you will be able to get the colors and the design you want without any interference.

Step 1

The first thing you should always remember when you are designing your shirt clothing is that you should use high quality graphics. When you design your own t-shirt, you should take care to have the best graphics quality which you can use. This has many reasons; the first is that the better the graphics the better the printout on the shirt will be. If the graphics are not good, the outcome will be blurred, this will make the whole picture look bad.

Step 2

The next important thing with designing your own t-shirt is that you should create the artwork at the same size you want it to appear on the shirt. This will help the shirt clothing design to come out properly. As when the design is being printed, the size may vary. Due to the variation in size, the picture or art may not look as good as you hoped. In the end, you should go for the best result possible. For this, the drawing should be of the same size or the pixels will distort the picture into something you do not want.

Step 3

Another thing to be considered while designing your shirt clothing is the color. You should remember not to use too many colors when you draw the picture. As then you will have to use that many colors when you take a print out. This will increase the expense of your design and the final expense of the printout. What you should try to do instead of using different colors is to use different shades of the same color. This will help in your overall cost. Apart from this, you will not expect too much from the final printout in terms of color. As many times the color result is not as good as you may expect it to be.

Step 4

Another thing you should try to keep in mind is the actual design of the shirt clothing. Try to draw a design which has a bold symmetry. Such designs tend to come out very well. Many times you might choose to just write something on your t-shirt. When you opt for this you should use a bold and asymmetrical font. This will help it come out better in the printout.

Step 5

For shirt clothing, apart from the usual designs, you can also send a universal message or promote something that you believe in. Shirts could also become an informative medium if you want them to.


Therefore, when you design your own shirt clothing, you should take care of all the things which have been mentioned above. In the end you will be happy with the shirt clothing which you have come up with. You can even expand into selling your designs.

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