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What You Should Know About Clothing Dresses Skirts

Published at 02/29/2012 23:01:25


When it comes to fashion, clothing dresses skirts are by far the most popular clothes items. Be it formal parties, your prom night or a wedding you have to attend, dresses are the answer to your problem. As far as skirts go, due to their versatility, they can be found for all types of occasions. This season when time comes to renew your wardrobe, do not forget to add a bunch of clothing dresses skirts.



Fashion has been around since the evolution of mankind. It started with a piece of animal skin tethered around the body which slowly evolved into a combination of various fabrics and colors. Different centuries brought along the sense of clothing dresses skirts. Roman and Medieval periods made a great contribution to fashion. In 19th century, the French and British royalties started dressing up in fancy and elegant dresses that resulted in the widespread popularity of clothing dresses skirts. Americans and Europeans influenced the emergence of hip-hop and trendy clothing dresses skirts. Skirts are worn all over the world. Although officially a woman's item, skirts are also worn by men in various parts of the world, especially in India as a sarong.


Every woman has a formal dress or two in her wardrobe. Dresses come in a myriad of designs that usually change over the seasons. A little black dress is a compulsory as it never gets old, looks classy, and has stayed in the world of fashion over the decades. Sassy and chic, skater dresses are very popular, especially among athletic females. They set out to unleash the flattering body shape and come in countless styles and sizes making it possible to find a perfect one for your body type. Asymmetrical one shoulder dresses never fail to make a bold statement. They release a charming silhouette of the body figure making you look glamorous and edgy. Peter Pan collar dresses give a perfect vintage and cute look. You may sweeten them up by a pair of high heels and a clutch. Other kinds of dresses include pinafore dresses, jumpers and sun dresses which are for informal or semi-formal events. Wedding gowns, dinner and evening dresses are available in innumerable styles, colors and materials. Skirts are highly fashionable and stylish. With a rightly chosen skirt, any woman can pull off a skirt like a celebrity. There are unlimited designs and colors. Depending on your body shape, height, weather and occasion, you can always get a splendid skirt anytime. A-line skirts fit excellently and at the same time do not cling. Flared skirts flare down from the waist and give a floated and slim appearance. Ballet skirts are dance wear skirts worn by ballerinas. No matter what the occasion is, skirts always make an excellent choice.

Tips and comments

The type of clothing dresses skirts you wear define you. To make a good impression, dress in a simple and yet elegant way. Most importantly the dress you wear should be as comfortable as it is beautiful. Accessorize with a little make up, jewelry, the right pair of shoes, a smile on your face and you are good to go.