Clothing Ideas For An 18 Birthday Party
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Clothing Ideas For An 18 Birthday Party

Published at 03/06/2012 12:46:28


Clothing Ideas For An 18 Birthday Party

Turning eighteenth is an exciting moment for all teenagers and the perfect reason to celebrate. This day should be savored in every way possible. It is a thrilling occasion not only for the person celebrating but also special for those who are invited. Every teenager wants to look best for their 18th birthday party and feel special. When turning 18 clothing should not require spending an exorbitant amount of money. It is wise if one chooses a reasonable yet glamorous attire. The perfect party can be thrown in the simplest of ways and themes.


Clothing Ideas For An 18 Birthday Party

When it comes to 18 clothing one may be bombarded with ideas and this may cause a lot of confusion. By wearing something special on your distinguished day that is your eighteenth birthday one can make fabulous memories that last forever. Everyone wants to steal the show with the most elegant 18 clothing. So in order to make a decision regarding the birthday dress here are a few tips. Many people opt for costume theme ideas.

  • Super heroes theme –this theme allows everybody to dress according to their favorite super hero, however repetition of the same heroes might be seen.
  • Girls and boys making their way to the birthday party dressed in black and white.
  • A theme by the name of Gender Bender is always fun and awesome. Boys come in dresses and girls come in suits.
  • The girl or boy celebrating their party can ask everyone to come in his/her favorite color.
  • Guns and Roses can make an interesting theme where everyone dresses up like cowboys and cowgirls.
  • Any Disney character theme might be used to delve in the past and recreate a semblance of your childhood.
  • There is always the James Bond theme that is adored by both boys and girls. It exudes its charm no matter what the season.
  • Dressing as one’s favorite movie actor.
  • Tacky Masquerade theme


Clothing Ideas For An 18 Birthday Party

One does not necessarily stick to the above mentioned creative ideas; thinking out of the box always makes you stand out in the crowd. Screen queen party theme is one such innovative idea. The luau party theme may also be used to create a false environment of tropical festivity. Also keeping the venue in mind while one chooses dresses is good. For example if girls choose to wear a mere backless top on a cold breezy evening, then there is an excellent chance that they might catch cold. So one should make most of the occasion and enjoy it by wearing the nicest of 18 clothing.

Tips and comments

Budget management is not only need of the hour after the recession that has hit the world but also a thing that the youth should understand now. 18th birthdays also signify another step towards adulthood and in accordance with that 18 clothing should bear the same significance. While money is being spent on getting the best caterers, usage of something as simple as a funky t-shirt with jeans may be done to save costs.


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