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5 Tips For Choosing the Correct Underwear To Wear Under Clothing


There is different underwear you can get depending on what you plan to dress in. Certain attire requires specific clothing underwear to make it look good and sit well. Underwear for men and women varies greatly. Whereas men have briefs and boxers for clothing underwear, women’s selection is much broader than that. In fact, women’s underwear comes in so many styles and designs, that, it can almost get confusing to determine the underwear to wear with particular attire. Nonetheless, here are some tips you can utilize to help you pick the right clothing underwear.

Step 1

When dressing in jeans, appropriate clothing underwear is that which cannot be seen when you are sitting. Underwear such as briefs, or boy shorts, are perfect when wearing jeans. They sit well on the body and they do not pop out of the jeans.

Step 2

Dresses that are see-through or made of thin material require clothing underwear that cannot be seen. Underwear that matches your skin complexion is best for such dresses. If you have a light skin tone, clothing underwear that is off-white or beige in color is suitable. For a darker complexion, brown or russet color is fitting.

Step 3

Don’t buy clothing underwear that is too big or too small for you. Underwear that pinches into your skin is too small while underwear that hangs loosely around the crotch area is too big. Get underwear that sits comfortably on your bottom, waist and crotch area. Fitting clothing underwear keeps you confident and comfy.

Step 4

Get underwear that flatters you figure. Good clothing underwear can make you shapelier and accentuate your body. You can choose underwear that will complement your bottom if it’s sizeable or your belly area if you are well toned.

Step 5

Contain your body with the right clothing underwear. Underwear can be selected to make someone large look smaller. This does not mean wearing underwear that is a size smaller. Rather, you can purchase slimming clothing underwear or underwear that come with a high waist. This will make you look shapelier or help slim down a larger midriff. The underwear can even give the appearance of a flat stomach to someone who has a big belly.


If you need some body shaping clothing underwear, it is available. Instead of going for surgery to get your bottom enhanced, you can now purchase underwear that has stuffing. These come with silicone or a little padding to make your rear end look a bit larger or shapelier.


Get underwear made from fabric that is comfortable. There are many types of material that can be used to design clothing underwear. Cotton, silk, nylon, polyester and spandex, among others are just some examples. Cotton is the most commonly used material. It’s advisable however, to have underwear in all fabrics just in case.

Clothing underwear comes in fun designs and styles that are trendy. A lady should own at least two pairs of each style there is. This is because different outfits require different underwear. It’s good to have it available as opposed to wearing the wrong thing.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 03/02/2012
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5 Tips For Choosing the Correct Underwear To Wear Under Clothing. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.