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How Cars And Clothing Manufactures Are Alike


Have you ever wondered if there is a similarity between cars and clothes? I am sure you’re thinking, I have lost it completely, I don’t blame you, it is a peculiar combination. But to my surprise there is a similarity between cars clothing. Fashionable attire, jewelry, and flashy cars are all items of conspicuous consumption. Cars clothing, really depends upon what your interests are. Some individuals like to spend on flashy cars, and some like to spend on fashionable clothes and accessories. At the end of the day cars clothing, all trickles down to what your interests are, and what you think, is suitable for your status on the streets.


Fashionable clothing, was instigated during the Egyptian era, as they were known to be one of the most fashionable civilization of all time, during that time it class difference was made obvious by the way one would dress up. Similarly Greek’s are also recognized, for their investments in the fashion industry. If was not for the Greek, there would’ve have been no Gladiator sandals. In stark contrast, have you ever wondered when cars were invented? One of the oldest cars still surviving are commonly known as the Cugnots 1770 “Fardier”. After a few unsuccessful inventions the steam engine was introduced during the 1820 and 1840. This design was developed by men like Gurney, Hancock and Macerone. All these men developed designs which were practical and brought a revolution in the transport industry.


Cars clothing, how are they similar? That is the question of the hour. Well this query is a tricky, as it really depends upon the individuals and their preferences. As both cars clothing, are used in the society to exuberate the social status of different individuals. For example, for me clothing is everything, even if I have to travel on local transport, I need to look fierce. Similarly for someone, having a flashy car or a latest car model is something that shows their social standing in the society. However it is important either way may It be a car or fashionable, they are both important, especially nowadays. It is sad to admit that the physical appearance is most important, when it comes to jobs, to be accepted socially. At the end of the day cars clothing, go side by side for almost everyone. It is up to you what you guys prefer.

Tips and comments

To find cars and clothing, again you need to go the experts. There are several ways of finding out latest trends of the fashion industry, one can always sign up with different types of subscriptions online, or rely on the old school high fashion magazines. When it comes to automobiles, you should keep in touch with dealers as those are the type of people who are well aware about, different models and launching of latest cars. Many famous companies have their official websites, providing all the necessary details required for a car lover to know, so that they can choose the that is suitable to their requirements.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/04/2012
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