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How Clothing And Cars Are Similar


There are certain things that are considered as necessities for a man. They are food, clothing and shelter. However, due to the new industrialized and modern world, the very definition of basic necessities has broadened. In our world today, travelling has become an everyday part of life. People use different forms of transport, with the most common being cars. Cars have become a necessity just like clothing has been for centuries. People need cars as much as they need clothing. Cars clothing, in fact, have manufacturers who think alike. The manufacturers of both these sectors cater to similar demands from the consumers. Hence, the manufacturers of cars clothing carry out production in a very similar manner, i.e. similar kind of things are considered when producing the respective goods and products


The history of cars clothing, both, go long back into the human history. The history of clothing goes as far as the time when the first man covered himself to gain protection from the extreme cold weather. Humans used animal skin or fur to cover themselves. For a long time, animal skin was used by humans as a form of clothing. Then later on, in the middle ages, wool and cotton were used in the manufacturing of clothes. On the other hand, the history of car may seem very recent, when in reality it is not. Cars go as far as the time when man first discovered wheel, the most important invention in human history. It was from this wheel that the concept of travelling was coined. Eventually, this very wheel helped in the manufacturing of cars. The first automobile was created in 1769, when a steam powered tricycle was made. But it was Karl Benz who is considered as the inventor of the modern car/automobile, as we see today. Benz built his first car in 1885.


Cars clothing manufacturers are faced with the same kinds of demands. When we consider a clothing manufacturer, there are a lot of things he keeps in mind. But principally, he manufactures clothes that comfortable and stylish. He takes into consideration what people want and what people consider to be fashionable. He pays great attention on how to make people look good, while keeping the cost of production low. Similarly, a car manufacturer is faced with the same dilemma. A car manufacturer pays careful attention at the look of his car. He makes sure that the car he’s manufacturing has style in it, or looks elegant. He also pays special attention to the fact that his car gives the best mileage, while providing the driver with the most comfortable driving experience. And he also keeps his costs low, in order to make his car affordable. Also, cars clothing manufacturers can cater to one segment too. There are certain brands that only cater to the most elite, by providing the most expensive clothes. Similarly, there are certain cars, like Ferrari, that are ordered on demand. So, in essence, cars clothing manufacturers are very alike.

Tips and comments

Cars clothing manufacturers may be alike, but there’s a great disparity in the amount of capital investment that is needed in both the businesses. Car manufacturing is expensive. It requires a lot investment, and also has great risks involved. But at the same time, the automobile industry is the biggest industry in the world, with great returns and profits. Clothing manufacturing need not require big investment. It depends on the scale of the business. Nonetheless, clothing manufacturing can result even from small investment, and has comparatively less risk involved to it. So, before starting either of these businesses, great in depth research should be done on risk management, and the amount of investment required before setting it up.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/07/2012
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