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Why Are Most Jeans Clothing Blue

Published at 03/06/2012 17:29:48


Jeans are perhaps the most popular form of clothing. They are found in each and every part of the world. Jeans are popular among men and women of all ages. They are worn by the poor and the rich alike. Fashions designers make use of jeans in many of their creations. Some jeans cost hundreds of dollars while others can be procured at just a fraction of that cost. Blue clothing jeans seem to be the most popular. A majority of jeans feature blue or other shades which are similar to blue. But have you ever wondered why are most jeans clothing blue?


Well, to explain the reason for why are most jeans clothing blue, let us first take a look at the origin of the fabric. Jeans are called jeans because they were originally seen on Italian sailors from a place called Genoa. In French, the blue colored trousers were known as bleu de ‘genes’. Also, the fabric itself is known as denim because it is said to have originated in the French town of Nimes. Thus, ‘of Nimes’ or ‘De Nimes’ became denim.

Earlier, jeans were worn by slaves and workers because they were hardy. Sailors and travelers also wore them because they were strong and durable. However, jeans were glamorized in the US in the late 60s when they became especially popular among teenagers of both the sexes. Jeans became symbols of style and liberation from the old traditions. While earlier jeans were manufactured purely for their strength and hardiness, new styles and cuts started developing in the early 70s. However, all throughout this period and even today, it has been observed that blue clothing is the most used form of denim. This is because of the fact that denim is dyed with indigo. Indigo is the traditional dye for denim and thus the inevitable shades of blue are seen in jeans. This explains the reason behind why are most jeans clothing blue.


In the early 90s, people began to get bored with the conventional styling of jeans and thus many new types of jeans were introduced. Today, numerous different kinds of jeans are available worldwide. Some of the popular models include low waist, anti fits, slim fits, baggy and so on. Blue clothing is still associated with most denim wear but other types of colors are also available. Besides blue clothing, denim is available in black, beige, red, pink etc.

Tips and comments

Blue clothing jeans are a hallmark of American culture. Jeans are widely associated with cowboys all over the world. So much so that the Slovenian word for jeans is ‘kavbojke’ which is a derivation of the American word ‘cowboy’. Bikers are also famous for their blue clothing. Denim jackets and jeans are the most preferred outfits of bikers. In the media, low waist jeans are becoming extremely popular – especially among the African Americans and fans of rap music. Jeans are most treasured for their comfort. They are part of almost every one’s ward robe. It is difficult to find an individual who has never worn a pair of jeans. That says a lot about their impact on our lives.