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What You Should Know About Clothing Bottoms


Fashion trends keep on changing from time to time. Wearing clothes that define who you are and show your sense of style are very important to women now a days. Women try to wear whatever that is in current fashion and the aim is to look their best in it. When it comes to western clothing, we see that trends keep on changing day by day but at the same time old fashion trends of the past are also brought back with a slight change added. So is the case of clothing bottoms that have become very common nowadays and are worn by almost every woman who wants be seen as fashionable and stylish according to the existing fashion looks that are there in society.


First clothing bottoms were designed not for fashion proposes but for much more practical reasons. They were uniforms of US navy sailors during 1813; they were easy to wear and work in. Clothing bottoms emerged as a popular fashion in mid 1960’s and 70’s for both men and women and were also a prominent part of the ‘hippy movement’ that was prevailing in the society all over the world during that period. Men wore them with suit jackets while ladies preferred them with tight high waist blouses. Because of the comfort that clothing bottoms provided; they remained in fashion for a longer period as compared to other trouser styles.


You must only buy a clothing bottom if it suits your physique and you look good in it. They would be very appealing for someone who is short heighted and would make the person look bulky and shorter instead of giving the expected appearance. These bottoms are available in every market and all designer stores and brands have their own variety and range of clothing bottoms to present. Every brand has its own design and shape to present to the consumer. They come in various sizes and colours and are available in wide plus sizes as well so that women who are bulky can also look good and be able to wear outfits of the existing fashion trends. Clothing bottoms are available in a variety of fabrics to choose from.

Tips and comments

Clothing bottoms are ideal for someone with a good or at least an average height. They make you look smarter and taller at the same time. They come in different qualities and prices; it depends on your own affordability and on how much you want to spend on yourself to look good. Clothing bottoms look best with formal shirts that are not too long and are also ideal for wearing professionally or on formal occasions. They provide a very classy and sophisticated look. Wearing heels with these bottoms is a very good idea; they suit the get up and also prevent the pants from getting dirty. Make sure you have the perfect size of your hips and waist measured before you buy clothing bottoms so that they fit you perfectly and also look better on you.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/06/2012
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