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How To Measure For Ordering Skirts At Clothing Stores Online


With the advent of the internet, it is possible to order everything online and this has just made life easier. From skirts clothing and tops to tickets and meals, you can shop any time without moving far and with a few clicks of the mouse. However, when it comes to finding the right sizes of skirts clothing and anything that has sizes, it is important to know you skirts clothing measurements before ordering online.

Step 1

Know your size before browsing online for skirts clothing. It can be quite frustrating if you find cute skirts clothing that you love, only to move on to the next styles because the sizes are not available or you don’t even know your own measurements.

Step 2

Take a look at the sizes given by sellers of clothing skirts online and take note what sizes are being used. US sizes use the catalog sizes and there are different subcategories under this; misses’ sizes, petite sizes, and women’s sizes. If you are a size 10 (women’s size), stick to this size. Note that measurements also vary across brands as manufacturers do not use the same catalog sizes for skirts clothing.

Step 3

If you are browsing on a non-US site, there may be other ways of measuring skirts clothing. UK and Australia use different charts as other countries in mainland Europe. UK and Australia sizes start from 4 to 26 while European sizes begin from 32 to 54. If you have trouble converting your sizes, there are charts available on retailers’ websites that you can use for skirts clothing.

Step 4

Find a measuring tape, preferably a fabric or vinyl seamstress tape. With the sizes written on the website simulate how the skirts clothing would fit you. If this seems too difficult, get hold of an old skirts clothing from your closet. Lay it down on a flat surface and simulate the measurements that you took from the site on the fabric. This will give you a rough estimate of how skirts clothing will fit on you.

Step 5

Look at the fabric composition and style of the skirts clothing. If an elastic band is sewn on the waist band, then there is room enough even if you have a fuller tummy or are thick around the waist. Skirts clothing made of spandex are also going to cling on your body, so you might not want to show those extra or unwanted flabs. Skirts clothing styled as an A-line skirt will have more room for movement at the hem while pencil skirts are figure hugging. Then there are the mini skirts, hobble, and pleated skirts whose designs can affect how they look and fit on you.


Buying online for skirts clothing can have its drawbacks, too including getting a product that you really don’t like because it doesn’t suit you or because it is too big or too small. Make sure that you know the return and exchange policies before hitting that 'buy now' button. It can also be that returns or exchanges are not allowed at all which make measuring correctly and thinking carefully before making a purchase more important.

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