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How To Machine Wash Clothing For the Best Results


Washing machines make life easier by sparing us the trouble to wash clothes by hand. Hand washing clothes can be especially challenging if the clothes are heavy – jeans, sweaters, small blankets and the like. This is where washing machines are an absolute plus. However, it is possible to damage clothes if they are not machine washed carefully – this can be quite a disaster if the clothes are expensive. Below are some tips on how to wash machine clothing for the best results:

Step 1

1) Color: Washing machine clothing needs to be sorted according to the color. If you put in black clothes with white ones, then your white clothes will not remain white anymore. They will acquire black color and this damage is more or less permanent. Always wash clothes by sorting them into bundles featuring the same colored clothes. Wash light clothes with light ones and dark clothes with dark ones.

Step 2

2) Texture: machine clothing needs to be separated based on its texture. If you try to heavy, hardy clothes with delicate ones. Then either the delicate clothes will become frayed or the hardy ones will remain unclean. Thus, separate clothes into different lots depending upon their textures. Pair denim with denim, cotton with cotton, synthetics with synthetics and so on. Your washing machine will have different programs for different types of machine clothing (much like an iron has different temperatures for different clothes). Engage the relevant programs for best results. Engaging a soft wash mode for denims will not clean them thoroughly while engaging a hard wash mode for delicate cotton fabrics will spoil them.

Step 3

3) Type of machine: A top loading washing machine is great for delicate machine clothing like shorts, T shirts, trousers, undergarments and so on while a front loading machine is good for tough machine clothing like towels. This is because of the fact that a front load machine puts a lot of strain on the clothes in order to clean them. If you put delicate machine clothing into a front loading washing machine, then it might become damaged. This does not mean that you must buy different machines for different types of machine clothing – just select relevant programs to adjust the intensity as required.

Step 4

4) Detergent: Your washing machine is only as good as your detergent. Different types of detergents are used for different textures of clothes. Use relevant types of detergents to ensure that the clothes are cleaned. Using appropriate detergents will also prevent any damage to the machine clothing. Do not wash cotton clothes with detergents that are meant for woollen clothes. This will have an adverse effect on the quality of your clothes. The same goes with all types of machine clothing.

Step 5

5) Washing machines have a number of buttons – learn to operate your washing machine well. Read the manual that came with your washing machine when you bought it. A lot of people ignore the manual and operate the machines on pure guesswork. A machine manufacturing company spends millions of dollars on research & development and then devises a manual which enables the user to optimise their machines for best results. Reading the manual and acting upon it will help you to derive the maximum from your washing machine.


Use the above tips to maintain your machine clothing in prime condition.

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