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How To Find Cheap Outerwear And Clothing Online

Published at 03/10/2012 16:03:48


Shopping online is a good way to save money on clothing. Outerwear and other clothing items can often be found on sale. Combine sale prices with coupons and discount codes and you have some amazing deals that you can take advantage of. Knowing how and when to shop for items is the key to getting the best sale prices. Once you have the right information, you can build your wardrobe and the wardrobe of members of the family. Everyone will look fashionable and because you are saving money, you can feel good about it.

Step 1

  • Shop clearance sales. Many online stores have clearance sections. Shopping at the end of a season is a great way to build a wardrobe for next season. For example, Winter sweaters, and outerwear clothing will often be placed in the clearance section as winter comes to an end. Usually February and March are good times to stock up on winter items. You can often find coats, sweaters, jackets, all types of outerwear clothing at discounts of 60-70% off. Near the end of summer, you will find summer clothing items on clearance sale.

Step 2

  • Shop during the month of December. Outwear clothing is often on sale during the holidays. Online stores want to get these items sold. The holidays are a good time to do this. People often look at scarves, mittens, gloves, hats and coats as thoughtful Christmas gifts. Putting these items on sale in December, clears the stock in time for the spring and summer items and keeps the merchant from having to put all outerwear clothing on clearance later. 

Step 3

  • Use discount codes. If you notice on many online checkout pages you will see a box for coupon and discount codes. Using them can save you a percentage off your purchase, or a flat dollar amount off purchase, or maybe even free shipping. Whatever it is, it is smart to take advantage of these. If you combine your discount code with a sale price, you are going to get some wonderful deals on clothing and outerwear. To find these codes, you can do a search for the store's name with the word discount code next to the name. This will bring up a list of sites that have discount codes for this merchant. Another way to get coupons and discount codes is to register at the website where you want to shop. Often registering and signing up for email notifications will alert you to sales and discount codes.

Step 4

  • Shop Ebay. Ebay has a large selection of clothing and outerwear and it is often sold for much less than what you would pay in a store. Sellers on Ebay sell both used and new items. The used items are often gently used and still in good condition. Read the description and check the photos. If you have any questions about the item, you are able to ask the seller a question before bidding or buying. Some items you will have to bid on and have the winning bid in order to get the item, while others will have a buy it now option. If using the buy it now option, you are able to get the item without waiting for the end of the auction.

Step 5

  • Check the website for your favorite department store. If you shop at a certain store, you can also check their website for Internet only sales and specials on clothing.  Outerwear prices online may be less than what you would pay in the store. This is true for all clothing and even some household items. Many stores also have Internet only specials that you can only get online. A good way to keep informed of special events is to sign up to receive emails.



Check back often when shopping clearance events. Merchandise can and does change quickly. This is especially true for outerwear clothing and other seasonal clothing pieces.

When you see something you like on Ebay, click the watch item button to keep yourself updated on bidding and price changes.

When bidding out  clothing, outerwear and other types, ask questions before bidding if you are unsure of sizing. You can always ask whether the item runs large, small or true to size.

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