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Woolrich clothing is exceptionally famous all over the world. Woolrich Inc. is one of the oldest clothing manufacturers in the USA. The company was founded in 1830 in a small town in the state of Pennsylvania – the town is also known as Woolrich. At the time of its foundation, the company mostly dealt in woollen yarn. However, over the years Woolrich has expanded to other spheres including sportswear, footwear, jackets, coats and so on. It has also lent its brand name to furniture and Hosiery and other accessories. Woolrich clothing has become one of the biggest brands in the world. The company’s slogan is ‘the original outdoor company’.


Woolrich clothing stores are spread out all over the United States. The company also ships out orders to almost every major country in the world. Orders can be placed online and shipping charges are very reasonable. Woolrich clothing is known for its quality and durability. A remarkable feature of Woolrich is that the clothes are contemporary as well as comfortable. Woolrich clothing features a men’s section as well as a women’s section.

The women’s section of Woolrich clothing has an elaborate range of clothing items and accessories. Women’s apparel includes t-shirts, shirts, pants, capris, shorts, outerwear, robes and much more. All the clothes are designed to be very stylish and to lend charm to the wearer. The women’s footwear department features a comprehensive range of sandals, slippers, boots and shoes. Women’s accessories include scarves, caps, hats, berets, purses, bags, gloves, belts, watches and so on. All items are priced very competitively – this makes Woolrich clothing irresistible to even the most discriminating buyer.


The men’s section of Woolrich clothing features a number of different items like shirts – short sleeved and full sleeved, jackets, coats, sweaters, pants, shoes and other accessories. Footwear includes a wide selection of boots, shoes and sandals. Numerous accessories like multi-tool kits, bags, gloves, socks and watches are also available. The range of Woolrich clothing items is constantly updated as the seasons change.

Woolrich clothing also features blankets and sheets. Among these – the Civil war blankets are quite well known and popular. During the time of the Civil war, Woolrich manufactured woollen blankets for soldiers. Such blankets were also specially manufactured for movies and plays which included re-enactments of the civil war. The blankets manufactured today are from the same mill which was used to produce blankets during the war. Owning such blankets is a great way to be a part of History.

Tips and comments

The sporting and elite sections of Woolrich clothing are quite splendid and feature some unique masterpieces. Some of the most exclusive items in these sections are the camouflage jackets. The woollen camouflage pants with suspenders are also excellent for those who work outside in cold temperatures. This section also houses field coats, stag jackets and water resistant fleece jackets. The Elite section of Woolrich clothing has specifically been designed to feature clothes with a certain twist. These include tactical vests and jackets, shirts with secret pockets, sturdy outer wear, light weight clothing items and much more. Over the years, Woolrich clothing has become a symbol of reliability and affordability with just the right sprinkling of glamour and charisma.

By Sia Attavar, published at 03/09/2012
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