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Most Popular Color For Mother Of Bride Clothing


The wedding day is supposed to belong to the bride and her groom-but mostly to the bride- and as such, everything needs to be perfect, from the food to the lighting to the clothing. However, that does not mean that they are the only persons of interest in the proceedings. The guest’s attention often shifts from them to another important personality- the mother of the bride. And since the woman is due to get such attention, it is only natural that the mother of the bride pay equal-if not more- attention to her clothing as that of her daughter. She can’t afford to overshadow her child of course, so special attention is to be given so that she looks amazing, right at the edge of the real source of attention. And one of the most crucial factors that contribute to the mother of bride clothing is the color of her dress.


In accordance with tradition, the first person to choose her dress is the bride, followed by the mother of the bride. And it is custom that the mother of the bride to purchase her dress before the mother of the groom. It is often thought that this is supposed to subtly dictate what the groom’s mother will wear. Tradition also expects her to inform the groom’s mother in advance in order to avoid any on the spot fashion disasters. Tradition also dictates that she avoid colors that will match the bride’s dress. In the western cultures, these have traditionally been white, ivory and champagne- though colors like black and the more “flashy” red also being somewhere on the list of “don’ts”. And when one considers the amount of time it takes to get the bride’s dress perfect, down to the last detail, one must sympathize with the bride’s mother in her frantic efforts to hunt down the perfect dress. Women have dealt with this problem in several ways, some ordering their clothing at the same time as the daughters, others opting to buy from them from boutiques and still others who opt to stitch the dresses themselves.


It is often thought for the best to consult with bride before the mother of the bride chooses her dress. Colors often favored by young women for their bridal wear have ranged from the neutral shades of grays, blues, or dark purple (the most popular of these colors has appeared to be dark blue) teal, mulberry, amethyst, hunter green, olive green, deep red, charcoal, navy or royal blue are less traditional, while more subdued colors like pale pastels, beige, champagne, sage green, or silver, work better for the bride with a traditional bent, and the mothers have chosen their clothing. The most popular of these colors has been blue with the mother in a darker shade of blue than the bride.

Tips and comments

Whatever color the mother of the bride clothing may end up choosing, she should remember that there are two more women whose opinion matter. She should consult with both the bride and the groom’s mom before the final decision.

By Amara, published at 03/09/2012
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