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How To Choose Clothing a Hollywood Star Would Wear

Published at 03/23/2012 18:56:07


When it comes to choosing our clothing, we always relate to Hollywood stars. 

Step 1

If we are to choose star clothing, it means we need and an extended budget, a personal fashion stylist and the guts to try everything new. Taking into account that most of us don't have these star clothing at our hands, we can only aim to get closer to their look.

Step 2

To start with, since there are a lot of celebrities looking great on the Hollywood's red carpet, trying to figure out what all celebrities would wear can be overwhelming. To make things easier, you should narrow down the options by choosing a celebrity muse to inspire your star clothing choices.

Step 3

Try to pick one close to your age and with similar body features if you want the clothes to suit you well. Watch your muse at different TV shows and watch all the movies in which he/she stars. Read their interviews to see if the places where they go for shopping are mentioned. Take some notes and reach a conclusion concerning his/her style and preferences for clothing.

After that, don't just imitate the style of your inspirational muse, try to interpret it in your personal manner. A good idea when choosing a star clothing a Hollywood star would wear is to pick one garment that you noticed it repeats in the pictures of your muse and also which you liked very much, and then build an entire clothing star outfit around that focal point.

Step 4

When you put the clothes together, remember that Hollywood stars always follow the fashion trends and some of them even set the tone in fashion. They are not afraid to combine different colors and star clothing materials, so you should experiment as well. They are also not afraid to show some skin, so if you are bashful you should solve this problem. Try the outfit created to see if it needs improvements, exactly like a fashion stylist would do with celebrities. Accessories are also part of the outfit, so dont forget about them. Shoes and bags can make a fashion statement on their own and can bring your look closer to that of celebrities. Still, if the focal point of your outfit is a clothing item, put on some simple accessories because you don't want your shoes to compete with the piece of resistance.

Step 5

A good tip for those who try to look like celebrities is to go for metallic accents on different star clothing items and accessories. From Selena Gomez to Beyonce, almost all the Hollywood stars gave it a chance and looked great at both elegant events and casual occasions.

Tips and comments

All this said, choosing clothing a star would wear is challenging because it implies deep researches, up to date information about the latest fashion trends, a lot of experiments, boldness and courage to assume risks, the eye and the inspiration of a fashion stylist to put the clothes together properly and to flatter the best features.

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