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5 Tips For Clothing To Wear When Playing An Outdoor Winter Sport

Published at 03/23/2012 18:29:00


Unless you are equipped with the proper outdoor clothing, playing outdoor sports during the winter might not be so pleasant. Moreover, being properly dressed for the cold of winter is a matter of safety. Hypothermia can install in your body if heat is lost through the thin clothing. 

Step 1

First, try to anticipate the weather condition if you want to dress properly. Also, anticipate your involvement in the winter outdoor activities. If you plan to play a sport which requires much effort, have in mind that you will get very hot, so choose outdoor clothing which can be closed and opened easily to cool you as much as you need.

Step 2

Second, instead of wearing the warmest sweater you have in the closet, choose a three layered outdoor clothing. By doing so, you allow the air to circulate between the layers and dispel the heat and moist evenly on the body. The first layer, the outer one, should provide insulation against the snow and wind. The jacket and the pants should be made from water repellent and windproof material. The middle layer clothing plays the role to warm the body and also to dispel the moisture gathered in the first layer. A useful tip is to choose those blouses which have a zipper on the collar for the moments you are overheated. Also, dont choose tight fitting clothing, if you want the air to circulate between the clothing layers. The last layer of the outdoor clothing, the inner one, should be tight-fitting and must be made from a fabric which doesnt retain body moisture

Step 3

Never neglect the extremities like the head, neck, hands and feet because through these the body loses the heat. The hat you choose should be provide your head enough warmth while letting the skin breathe and the most to lose. Choose the gloves according to the activity you want to get involved. For example, consider gloves for sports where you need your fingers, like skiing, and mittens for sports like fishing. When it comes to feet, nothing is more unpleasant that some frozen feet. Put on some thick socks and make sure the boots are water resistant.

Step 4

Avoid outdoor clothing made from cotton, especially for the base layer and for the socks. This fabric retains moist instead of transmitting it from one layer to another until it dispels.

Step 5

Always make sure your outdoor clothing with an extra coat at hand in case you need some extra protection. You never know what to expect from weather conditions, so if you want to avoid hypothermia, youd better be prepared.

Tips and comments

Outdoor activities during winter are fun, but require extra attention. If you don't take seriously the outdoor clothing for the cold season, your safety will be in danger. Another thing to remember is to always use three layers of clothing so you can remove one when you become too hot. Protect the extremities as well and try to coverage as much skin as you can.

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