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About the Use Of Fur in the Clothing Industry


The fashion industry is constantly in the struggle of reinventing, and creating pieces that are new and completely different. Fur clothing, has been famous for a certain type of market. Mostly elite are attracted towards a good piece of fur clothing. It has been observed that many women are attracted to fur clothing, it’s considered to be a social symbol, especially when original fur is used. As there are many fur clothing lovers, but there are people that look down upon the idea of fur on clothing. It’s a free world everyone is to themselves.


Fur clothing, is considered to be one of the first materials to be used for clothing and body decorations. It is still uncertain the exact date regarding, the first use of fur as a fashion accessory. From the early days of European settlement, till the modern day development, fur clothing was quiet famous in Canada during the winter seasons. The use of fur was instigated, in the cold regions of the world, as it acted as a great form of insulations. Besides Canada fur was used in the Artic, by indigenous folks. There have been many people who have acted against the use of fur as a fashion accessory, and these protest reached their peak in 1980’s and 1990’s.


Fur comes under extreme luxurious clothing item. It was most popular with the Brits, as well as countries which have severe cold temperatures. Besides being a fashion accessory, there is evidence that fur is used by people to keep them safe from the extreme cold weather conditions, as fur acts as a great insulator. As many designers have protested against the use of fur, an alternative material to real fur has been developed, which is used for purely fashion purposes. But people from the Artic, who are leaving in extremely cold conditions, really have no choice, but to use original fur skin of animals. But still in the fashion industry many designers are using original fur, only for bespoke designs, or influential people who have requested for it. Even though it’s luxurious and its one of a kind, it is still considered a bit notorious, so designers who are designing with original fur, try to keep those pieces low key and not introduce to the public.

Tips and comments

Find fur clothes, is not as easy as finding other branded fashion items. You will have to do some research before you find an original piece. If you are planning to buy an avante guarde fur coat, you should either find designers who are making bespoke fur clothing items. Another way of getting an original piece, you should outsource the fur from the cold regions of the globe, and hand that in to a designer who can create whatever you have on your mind. Only true Divas are known to wear this item that exuberates true luxury. So if you have the resources to afford such clothing item, then go ahead, and be sure to get ready for some head turns.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/11/2012
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