How To Measure For Shopping At Online Clothing Stores For Sweaters
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How To Measure For Shopping At Online Clothing Stores For Sweaters

Published at 03/13/2012 15:10:34


How To Measure For Shopping At Online Clothing Stores For Sweaters

Sweaters clothing can serve us even when it’s not the winter season. They are useful to put on during those nippy days or chilly nights. However, buying sweaters clothing online can be a bit difficult if you don’t know what to look for. But, with a few practical tips, you can get those sweaters clothing right even when you’re buying them online.

Step 1

Knowing the size you’re looking for is a crucial step. Even if you’re buying for your hubby or your kids, you have to know the right size of sweaters clothing to buy. You can look at the labels of old sweaters clothing that you have at home to check for sizes.

Step 2

Compare these sizes with the measurement guides given on websites. Note that sizes vary in each country. US web stores follow the catalog sizes such as misses', women's petite or women’s sizes. For men, it’s small, medium, large, XL, 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL. Babies, children, and junior sizes also exist, so it’s best to know the sizes according to the categories. Look at the chest/bust sizes written on the size guides and take a seamstress tape to compare the sizes on an old sweater.

Step 3

Sweaters clothing is usually worn over undershirts, tops, and blouses for layering. It is rarely worn by itself. Give allowances for clothes so that you can move when you wear a shirt or a top underneath.

Step 4

The styles of sweaters clothing also vary. There are loose fitting and fitting sweaters. Loose fitting sweaters clothing is easier to layer since there is more space on the chest, arms, and waistband. Fitting sweaters can nearly be worn by themselves giving no space underneath for extra clothes. You can choose from pullovers, turtle necks, and cardigan types of sweaters clothing. Cardigans are the easiest to put on and are convenient when layering. Pullovers have different kinds of necklines such as a V neck or round collars. Turtle necks are great for winter and insulate the body.

Step 5

Fabric types are also important considerations when buying sweaters clothing. Mixed fabrics such as a combination of nylon, polyester, and silk give the sweaters clothing elasticity, meaning, that they will stretch. Sweaters clothing made from pure wool keeps you warm although can give an itchy feeling when there is no shirt worn under. Thus, it is important to look at the fabric composition for comfort when shopping for sweaters clothing. Take into account that there will always be some sort of shrinkage when sweaters clothing is washed. Buy one size up to make sure that you can still wear the sweater for a long time. Read care instructions if this info is available online. If you do not want to hand wash, choose sweaters clothing that can be machine washed or find something else that won’t require as much care and attention.


How To Measure For Shopping At Online Clothing Stores For Sweaters

Special sweaters are designed to insulate body heat and keep you warm and at the same time let your skin breathe. Go for angora, alpaca, or cashmere sweaters clothing. They will cost you more but are good investments in clothing sweaters. Just be sure to follow cleaning and care instructions.