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5 Tips For Clothing Designs For a Teenage Boy

Published at 03/15/2012 20:14:00


There are so many fashion options available for boys which can vary from casual to formal. It is a fact that boys can also be very adventurous and experimental with their boy clothing fashion choices and will always be in search for a cool and funky look to help them blend in with his crowd. Fashion should be something that all types of people should learn to enjoy and use to their advantage regardless of gender and age. Being fashionably “in” is not just for women and girls but also for men and boys. For teenage boys, this is a period of time where they tend to be very selective on clothes that they’d like to wear and they want to really look good in it. Here are some tips for boys to follow to make their boy clothing really look good on them for any occasion.

Step 1

Wear something you’re comfortable wearing. Make sure to find boy clothing that suits within your comfort zone because if you don't feel comfortable wearing it, there’s a big chance you won't also look good in it. Then, experiment with your preferred signature boy clothing style and adopt it as your own. If you own any particular clothing designs that you think you will look your best, better stock up on clothes on that style and experiment with other combinations.

Step 2

Mix and match appropriately the boy clothing. There’s nothing to afraid when trying to mix and match different boy clothing patterns and style. It’s not really necessary to wear the same colors or its different shades. To cite an example, you can actually match a royal blue polo shirt with a khaki-colored pants or trousers. Although, you need to take extra caution and moderation when matching different patterns such as combining stripes with plaids. An excellent rule to follow is to combine basics with patterns. So if you plan to wear a t-shirt with bold patterns, make sure not to match it with an equally busy bottom such as fatigue cargo pants. You may also exchange similar clothing pieces to either dress up or dress down a specific look.

Step 3

Steer clear from tapered pants. Tapered pants can easily look obsolete and outdated. You can stock up on boot-cut or wide-leg boy clothing styles for an updated look that never goes out of style. Choose pants or jeans that settle just at the bottom of your natural waistline and refrain from wearing pants raised above the waist because this can make you look nerdy.

Step 4

Dress right for occasion. Always remember to dress according to the occasion or any special events you’ll attend. T-shirts and jeans are okay to wear for school, but won’t be appropriate when you’ll attend a formal family gathering or church service. Buttoned down polo shirts and khaki pants boy clothing are more likely a suitable choice. Of course, don't overdress yourself for simple casual events because this gives other people the impression that you’re trying too hard.

Step 5

Tip 5

Wear those accessories right. If you’ll be wearing shorts, you can wear ankle socks but do not ever pull off any long socks above the calf. Aside from that, do not wear socks with a pair of sandals as this is very unsightly to look at things typical for boy clothing.