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5 Clothing Tips For Men's Fashion

Published at 03/15/2012 21:46:28


When it comes to men's clothing and fashion, there is not always as much information as there is for women's fashion. Women's fashion has entire racks of magazines and television shows dedicated to it. Some believe this is because most of the male population does not care about men's fashion and clothing, but in today's world, that is simply not true. Here are a few men's clothing and fashion tips for men who want to look good.

Step 1

Make sure your clothing fits properly. This is one of the biggest issues men have when it comes to clothing and fashion. Many men wear clothing that is too large or baggie. Whether it's to hide a few extra pounds or because you just don't know how to figure out the right size, this is not always a good look. Your clothing should fit well against your body, but be careful not to buy items that are too tight. if you have questions about your size, your local department store should have people available to help you find what fits your frame. 

Step 2

Have the right pieces on hand. Many men can probably relate to this scenario: your closet is full of jeans, athletic gear and t-shirts. Maybe you have one suit that is many years old and you wear it to weddings and funerals. This is a huge mistake that many men make when it comes to selecting their clothing and fashion. While you want to be comfortable, you need to look good too. The ideal men's closet should have the following: three dress suits, a selection of at least four dress shirts in simple colors and patterns, a dark pair of dress shoes that goes with almost anything, three pair of slacks, two polo shirts, two to three button down shirts and at least three to four different ties. Don't worry; you can keep your casual gear, too. Just remember to wear it when you're bumming around the house, not when you're going out with friends or your wife.

Step 3

Avoid purchasing trendy items. It's understandable that you see everyone else wearing something and you want to have it too, but eventually, those fads will become a thing of the past. For example, do you still wear parachute pants? When men purchase trendy clothing and fashion items, they are more than likely just wasting money. Stick to the basics. If you want to stand out, buy basic items in trendy colors and patterns, but be prepared to not get your money's worth when you realize that bright pink and purple shirt is no longer cool. 

Step 4

Don't wear white socks unless you are playing baseball. Seriously, white socks are only for times when you are wearing athletics shoes. If you are wearing slacks or a suit, make sure your socks match your pants, or if you can't do that, wear black socks.


Step 5

Pay close attention to your shoes. Many men feel that as long as their suit looks good, they can wear any pair of shoes they want. This is very wrong. When it comes to men's clothing and fashion, the right pair of shoes can make even a bad outfit look great. A few things to keep in mind: always wear leather shoes; the shinier your shoes are, the better; and your shoes should always be darker than your pants.


Remember: men do not have to change their entire wardrobes to look stylish. Small updates to your fashion and clothing can go a long way if you want to look good.

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