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How To Hem Pants And Other Clothing That Is Designed For Women


Learning how to hem clothing pants for women is one great way of saving money. Instead of going to a tailor or seamstress to cut those extra inches away, you can always do it at home without paying for costly alternations. Here is a way to make those hems shorter whether it is for women clothing pants or any other clothing designed for women such as dresses and skirts.

Step 1

Gather essential tools and measuring devices to fix up women clothing pants. You would need a sewing machine (if you have one), thread, chalk, pins, and a pair of pinking scissors. If you don’t have a sewing machine, add a needle and thimble to the list and you’re all set to cut and sew the hems of women clothing pants.

Step 2

Before you even start measuring the women clothing pants, wash them first. In addition to hygienic reasons, you’ll also see if the women clothing pants shrink. This way, you don’t have to open the stitched hems and re sew again.

Step 3

Get into the pair of women clothing pants that you want to hem. Make sure that you leave enough space for heels to be worn with the women clothing pants. The general rule is that the hem should be at least an inch off the ground. You can’t have too long hems where you risk tripping or destroying the pants when it is dragged on dirty floors and grounds. With skirts, you have to decide how long or short you want it to be. There are other cases where you want it a bit longer for modesty reasons or shorter, for a different style.

Step 4

Fold the hems around the leg openings of women clothing pants and secure them in place by putting pins. Try sitting down and see if the women clothing pants are not too long or short. Adjust the length as necessary.

Step 5

Once you have finished sticking pins, lay the women clothing pants on a flat surface or on a table. Turn it inside out carefully to avoid being pricked by the pins. Use a chalk to mark the areas where the excess hems should be cut off. You can also take an old pair of women clothing pants to compare the size that should be snipped away. Make allowances for folding the hems. For instance if you are going to cut away 3 inches, you should measure 4 inches, leaving 1 inch for stitching. Use a seamstress tape for this exercise marking the areas which should be folded for stitching.

Step 6

Remove the pins and using pinking shears, slowly cut the desired size of the hem on women clothing pants. If you have a sewing machine, fold the ends and sew them using the zigzag stitch. Otherwise, reach for a needle and thread. Don’t forget to use the same color of thread used on women clothing pants for uniformity. With a thimble, carefully cross stitch the hems of the women clothing pants. Now, you are ready to wear those pants immediately as you have already washed them.


Invest in a sewing machine, if you want to make hemming quicker and the stitches sturdier. You can always buy a second hand machine. It will eventually pay off in the long run as you do not have to pay for costly alternations on women clothing pants or any other type of clothing that needs to be hemmed.

By Marie, published at 03/14/2012
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