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How To Do Neat Stuff With Old Clothing


Its no secret that humans love clothing and we love to decorate our bodies with the best clothing we can find so we show it off and look our best. Women in particular love clothing stuff but men like to look good too. It is such a good feeling when we are browsing in a store and come across clothing stuff that is just the right color, the right size and the right style that is seems to be specially made just for us. I know the first thing I do when I get a piece of clothing stuff like that home, I try it on over and over again, I model it on front of the mirror and for my friends and I try it on with various other pieces to see how it looks. Then I wear it as much as possible for a few months and may even have it tucked away in my closet for a while to wear for special occasions until I get sick of it and realize that I probably won’t wear it again. Over the years, I have discovered that there are so many things one can do with old clothing stuff that you no longer want. Of course, the two most popular ways to get rid of unwanted clothing is to give it away to charity or just throw it out if it is too worn out for anyone else to enjoy. But there are so many other things you can do with old clothing and below are some examples of how to do neat stuff with old clothing stuff.

Step 1

First of all, examine the clothing stuff to see if there are rips and tears and if it is good enough to do anything else with it. If there are rips and tears, you may be able to salvage parts of it to make something else out of it.

Step 2

Anything that cannot be salvaged is great to use for rags cleaning supplies.

Step 3

Almost every major city and even some small towns have what is called Consignment Shops where you can bring gently used and stylish clothing to sell. The way it works is the store owner prices the clothing stuff you bring in and when it sells, they keep half the profit and you get the rest.

Step 4

Certain fabrics are great to use for making head bands, scarves and wraps. You can mix and match with other fabrics and colors and create something that no one else will have.

Step 5

If you have the tools, such as a sewing machine or someone who can sew for you like a tailor, you can make a whole new outfit with your old clothing stuff. Any piece of clothing, no matter how old, can be made to look as good as new when it is altered and changed around a bit.


There is no need to just throw out any fabrics that can be used for anything else and the examples above are just a few of the things you can do with old clothing stuff.

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Clothing is a luxury for people in developed societies so never waste anything that can be used again and you will be proud of yourself when you are able to tap into your artistic and creative side to create a whole new item that can be worn again and again.

By A McEachern, published at 03/13/2012
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