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American eagle outfitters is a very famous and loved brand of the United States. All the young boys and girls love eagle clothing. They not only have trendy apparel, but also, accessories. They stock, all sorts of apparel, casual wear, outerwear, Night wear, undergarments, etc. Then they have accessories such as shoes, bags, jewelry, scarves, etc. Eagle clothing, is a brand that is very affordable and good quality stuff. You can find all the latest trends in this store, with a price tag that won’t make your eyes pop out! These designs can make you go all gaga over them so get your hands on them as soon as possible


American eagle clothing initially started in Pennsylvania in 1977. It was a joint project of Jerry and Mark. They had set a target audience in mind since the beginning, the youngsters, from ages 14 to about 25 year olds. The minute you enter the store, you can tell the age group the store is aiming at. The clothes would probably look funny on an older person. Eagle Clothing has a very interesting take on fashion; you won’t ever find clothes that are extremely bold or fluorescent. The clothes are very unpretentious and practical.


American eagle clothing is now really big. They have outlets throughout the United States, and now internationally as well. They have outlets in Canada, Europe and now in the Middle East as well, in Dubai. When we mention the most popular brands, American eagle clothing is one brand that comes in that list. When you go to American Eagle Clothing, you can find graphic Tee’s, Polo’s, Shirts, Sweatshirts, sweaters and outerwear. That’s just the tops, the bottoms category, includes Shorts, board shorts, Jeans, pants etc. They even offer various collections that are specifically designed keeping a specific fashion or idea in mind. Such as the Vintage Campus collection, this collection of eagle clothing is one that is specifically for students. They have everything you need at college, they even named them; College Hoodies, College Shorts, College hats, College shorts, College T’s. Then they have a line exclusively for men, it’s called the Vintage PRO collection. This collection has NBA T’s and NHL T’s specifically for sports lovers. For women, Eagle clothing has a special line for Swim wear; they have Bandeau’s, Triangle, String Halter, Halter, Retro Halter, Tankini, etc. The accessories and footwear are known to be one of the best quality footwear in the market.

Tips and comments

The eagle clothing has awesome deals during sale season and in clearance. The already affordable eagle clothing is available in even lesser prices. Sometimes, during sale season, there’s no place to stand in the stores. Even when the sale season is gone, they keep a rack with the sale and clearance items. These items are even available on prices as low as $2 or more. The customers that shop for American eagle clothing are very loyal to the brand and love their designs and the earthy tones that the brand incorporates in their products. It’s a brand that is loved by many, and even worn by many.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/13/2012
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About American Eagle Clothing. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.