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How To Buy Clothing For My Body Type

Published at 03/23/2012 15:29:17


When the clothes you try at shopping point out your tummy, your short legs or your wide torso, don’t blame your body for not being perfect more than your clothing choices. The clothing sizes may not be numerous enough to fit all body types, but the clothing styles are much more diverse and there is a design for every body shape to be flattered. So, make sure you know your body’s strong and weak points before getting upset that the clothes work against you.

Step 1

To start with, although each body is unique, if we are to group them according to the bust’s width, waist line and hips’ width, they fall in four categories: apple, pear, rectangle and hourglass shaped body.

Step 2

Since the most balanced silhouette is thought to be that the shape of an hourglass, the secret of looking good in your clothing is to choose those styles and designs that bring you closer to this ideal body type. An hourglass body type has the width of the bust and shoulders equal to the one of the hips and the waist line narrow. This can be achieved only by knowing some basic tricks that change the way the others see your body shape.

Step 3

The apple shaped persons have the upper part of the body wider than the lower part. While their main advantage is the thin legs and the generous bust, the disadvantage is represented by the undefined waist line. Therefore, the clothing to go for is tunics for the upper part of the body and wide leg pants. The tunic design is appropriate because it stays molded on the shoulders and under the bust it becomes larger. In this way, the width of waist line becomes narrower, the round profile is masked and the illusion of an hourglass shape is created. Wide leg pants or jeans will balance this figure by adding fullness in the lower apart of the body to complement the fullness in the upper part of the body.

Step 4

If you have the shoulders’ width narrower than that of the waist and hips, then you have a pear shaped body. The biggest advantage is the prominent bottom, but to make it look more flattering you must add fullness in the top part of the body. The top clothing you should go for is either with ruffles and molded on the waist or with flattered sleeves to elongate the shoulders. Choose tops with wide necklines and maybe with some pockets on the bust to draw the attention from the hips. For the lower part of the body, some low rise clothing with a slim cut like the skinny jeans will create a finer bottom.

Step 5

Women with the shoulders, waist line and hip line of equal width, fall in the category of rectangle body shape. The clothing which flatters this body best is the one which creates curves to make this silhouette a little bit more feminine. Therefore, choose tops which allow the shoulders to be seen, put some belts to show off your silhouette or go for high rise pants or jeans to define your waist.


All this said, if you want the clothing you buy to work for you and not against you, define your body’s advantages and disadvantages and then go for those clothes that balances the upper part of the body with the lower one.

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