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How To Find Gold Colored Material To Make Clothing


Gold is a color that symbolizes prosperity. It is the color associated with royalty or of being important. There are many instances when gold color is used. Because it gives a warm hue and shimmer, it is used for making gold clothing such as a lovely evening gown, a golden blouse  or a fancy cocktail dress. You can also make fun costumes out of gold clothing for a masquerade ball or use it to accentuate existing clothes.


Step 1

Depending on what you need gold clothing for, you can search for web stores that sell this color of fabrics. If you intend to make an evening dress, or a flashy cocktail dress, it is best to look for shops that specialize in gold clothing fabrics. There are more choices in the types and quality of gold clothing there than in a shop that sells different stuff like sewing supplies and shoes in addition to fabrics.



Step 2

Do an online search for fabrics stores. You can purchase gold clothing from these types of web stores to make into clothes, as accents, or accessories. Buying in bulk will also save you money as prices are reduced according to the volume of gold clothing you purchase. Clothing in gold is usually sold per yard and the unit cost goes down as you purchase more. There are many fabric shops online that sell gold clothing such as Oas Online Fabric Store, Vogue Fabric Store, and Fabric Depot. You can buy gold trims, accents, and sequins to suit your needs whether you are sewing evening dresses or making royal costumes for the kids.

Step 3

Go to brick-and-mortar shops and look for the fabrics section. You will have more choices of gold clothing to choose from and there are often sales and discounts to get rid of fabric inventory. Wal-mart has a fabrics section that is popular among shoppers because they have different kinds of clothing and the prices are inexpensive. However, you might have to weed through the fabrics to find the right gold clothing, as often the sections are not well organized with things scattered by shoppers on the floor.

Step 4

Craft stores such as Jo-Anne are also good sources of gold clothing fabrics. In addition to fabrics, you can get all your supplies for sewing, quilting, scrapbooking and all other crafts. There are always promotions and sales going on and if going to the stores is too much of a burden, you can do your shopping online. Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores are found at In fact, it can be advantageous to shop online as there are also specials that are only available through the net for gold clothing.

Step 5

Another such type of store is Michaels, although it is more dedicated to craft supplies and home décor. Hobby Lobby however, is a crafts and fabric shop that carries gold clothing for sale. It offers plenty of coupons that you can apply to all of your gold clothing purchases. Ben Franklin Stores also carry gold clothing fabric and embellishments as well as AC Moore. All of these shops have an online presence so you don’t have to run far just to get your gold clothing supplies.


Stocking on gold clothing when there is an occasion such as a clearance sale could help during those days when you need to make a costume quickly for your kids’ school play or rework an old outfit with gold clothing and accents.

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