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Tips For Buying Women's Vintage Clothing


Vintage women's clothing has always been popular and it typically considered to be clothing of the 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Some women wear them all the time and others only wear them on special occasions. In addition, some wear just a few vintage pieces and other wear full vintage outfits complete with complementary vintage hairstyles. Whether a woman's style or preference she should always choose clothes that look good with her body type and she should take the time to inspect any vintage piece for imperfections, especially if the piece is sold at a premium price.

Step 1

Find out what type of clothes look best with your body type and concentrate on buying vintage women's clothing items that fall within this category. For instance, if you have the type of body that looks great in slim fitting, casual pants, you may want to look for vintage items of the 50s and 60s because ankle hugging capri pants were in fashion then.

Carefully inspect every piece of vintage clothing you are interested in. Check it both inside and out for any problems. Make sure you check the pockets to avoid finding any unpleasant surprises, like used tissues, etc., after you take the item home. You also want to check for any strange odors. If you are not sure if you can get rid of an odor, but still love the vintage piece, then use that as a way to bargain the price down.

Step 2

Determine if you have the type of job that allows you to wear vintage women's clothing with no limits. If so, then the sky is the limit for you and you can wear your vintage finds at work as well as outside of work. If you have a job with a rather strict dress code and your taste in vintage wear is not conservative, then compromise by only wearing a few of your favorite wild vintage items with more modern and conservative pieces. For instance, if you are a banker, then show your love for mod 60s style fashions at work a vintage accessory like a blouse under your business suit or choose a vintage piece of jewelry that you can discreetly wear at work.

Step 3

Play careful attention to the colors of women's vintage clothing. Even though some originally brightly colored items may not be as colorful as they were when they were new, their slightly faded colors can still clash with your coloring if the are wrong for your skin type. If you are not sure which colors look best on you, you can either consult with a personal shopper to help you or go on the internet to get more information.

Step 4

Develop the art of knowing when you are at risk of going too far when choosing how to wear your vintage women's clothing. Although having a distinct personal style is great for some women, others have trouble carrying it off because they lack the confidence to wear some of the fashions they love unless they also receive compliments. If you are not one of those women who don't care what others think about the way they dress, then make sure you do not push the boundaries beyond your comfort zone. For instance, if you love the idea of wearing a full Mad Men type ensemble, but would be crushed if you received criticism, then resist the temptation to wear such an outfit unless it's for a costume party.

Step 5

Consider buying a sewing machine and learning how to make basic alterations. Many of the vintage women's clothing you find may have some type of damage, so if you can make simple repairs yourself, you can save money by not having to pay a professional to fix the damage for you.

If possible, always try on items before buying them to make sure they fit you and to find any damage you may have missed during your initial inspection.


  • When buying shoes, always carefully check the heels for damage because replacing heels can be expensive.
  • Check the condition of leather or vinyl vintage clothing women's items to make sure they are not irreparably damaged.

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