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What Color Of Accessories To Wear With Brown Clothing

Published at 03/14/2012 19:56:37


Many people find it tough to color match their clothes when dressing up and they go around seeking fashion advice on colors that will match. To begin with, let us understand that there are very few hard and fast rules in fashion when it is pertaining to selection of colors to combine in clothing. Style rules have always evolved and changed with ages. A fashion statement is not about what is in vogue today but it is all about how well you can express yourself through your clothes.

Majority shades in the clothes that we wear today border between brown clothing and olive clothing. Many people say that these are the colors for all seasons on account of their earthy tones and textures that make them look fresh and stylish.


Stylists down the ages have categorized brown clothing as warm neutrals. There is a concept called 'complementing’ when it comes to colors. It means that certain colors will complement each other. Stylists have also offered fail-safe color palettes for successful dressing. When it comes to warm neutrals, a combination of two or three with a neutral may be safe. For example, a brown dress can go with a cream or a black accessory. Brown clothing and warm neutrals like cream, beige, tan or bronze look good when combined together historically and make great fashion colors for all seasons


The trick with brown clothing is to remember that neutrals can blend with everything. You can mix brown and black. Neutrals go with every color. You have to remember, though, that brown clothing does not blend well with warm tones such as pink, red, purple and grey.

For women with a brown halo dress, a gold cuff, bronze drop ear rings and possibly a statement golden or bronze clutch would be pretty good for accessories. Dusty bronze shoes or even black ones would do just good with a brown dress. You may try and avoid brown shoes with brown clothing as it will make you look like a poo with a uniform.
For men with tweedy brown trousers, white, off white or cream jackets and coats would look good. For men wearing brown clothing, brown belts will complement the brown trousers which may not be the same case in women. Men and women both can wear brown, black or even bronze colored accessories with a brown dress. It would be best to keep the shades of accessories lighter in tones.

For ladies and young girls, wedges are the 'in’ accessories nowadays. They come in all colors and designs. Platform wedges are ideal as no matter how short or tall you may be; the sleekness and the height of the wedge can give a definition to your ankles and make your legs look good. White wedges will look good on any outfit of brown, whether you are wearing shorts or a maxi dress.


Tips and comments

Brown hats look good with brown suits and coats for women. A yellow scarf will make you look especially attractive. Light brown accessories go well with dark brown hats and dark brown accessories go well with light brown hats. When you are wearing brown clothing, bronze or gold jewellery will go best. When you are wearing a brown dress, you can go for warm peachy tones while doing make-up. Women can also accessorize their brown clothing with a cream bead necklace for a fabulous look.

It may seem elementary to match clothing by color but people may get it wrong. Some people can match colors naturally while others cannot do that. You really don’t need to take advice of a professional stylist. You can learn yourself as you go along. Once you get that instinctive feeling about how certain colors complement others and how you can put them together, you are going to be well on your way to becoming a trendsetter yourself with your brown clothing as much as any stylist would be


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