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About the Jaclyn Smith Clothing Collection


Jaclyn Smith has made a mark not only in the world of television and modeling but this marvelous beauty has showcased her extraordinary talents in the world of fashion as well. More than just a beautiful face, Jaclyn smith , is a successful business woman, a great designer, successful actress and a beautiful model. Her Jaclyn Smith clothing line sold at Kmart has been around for 25 years now and is alone responsible for 40 million Kmart sales of Kmart since then.


Before becoming a designer and stepping into the world of business, Jaclyn Smith, was an actress. She gained a massive popularity when she appeared as Kelly Garrett in the famous television show 'Charlie's Angels' in 1976. She became instantly popular because of her beautiful looks and appealing style and started working as a model and brand ambassador for various brands. When Kmart offered her a chance to open her own clothing line in 1985, Jaclyn Smith was working as a brand ambassador for Max factor. At first she was a little hesitant but due to persistence of Kmart executives, she gave the idea a chance. So in 1985 the Jaclyn Smith clothing line hit the Kmart stores for the first time. Her collection became an instant hit. Her designs and ideas were unique and extremely stylish. The Jaclyn Smith Clothing line gained a massive amount of customers in a short time and the sales of Kmart rose rapidly. The Jaclyn Smith clothing line became a pioneer of celebrity clothing lines and many actors and actresses started their own clothing lines following the lead of Jaclyn Smith.


Jaclyn Smith clothing line is mainly composed of women apparel. The collection consists of all the things that women generally wear: pants, jeans, skirts, stretch pants and leggings, tops, dresses, shirts, coats, jackets and even swim suits and undergarments. Her clothes, specifically her dresses, generally are short and have deep and bold cuts. The shirts, coats and tops in her collection are elegant and very classy. The coats and jackets specifically are very chic and make a bold fashion statement. Now a days, since stretch pants are in fashion, her collection has a marvelous range of stretch pants as well. The clothing line also consists of a Women's plus range which is made exclusively for plus sized women. The range has all kinds of clothing that are included in her normal collection such as tops, dresses, swimwear etc. The best thing about Jaclyn Smith collection, and probably the reason for her popularity amongst general public, is that her clothes are very low priced and affordable. Unlike other designer collections, Jaclyn's collection is very reasonable and affordable. Some of her clothes are even cheaper than 10$. And when there is a sale, the prices go even down.

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It's sometimes hard to believe that a Celebrity such as Jaclyn Smith can have such a low priced clothing line. But fortunately is true that you can buy extremely high quality clothes like that of Jaclyn Smith's collection, at such a low price.

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