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5 Tips For Washing Blue Clothing

Published at 03/19/2012 00:14:16


Taking good care of your clothes is important. The way we handle ourselves and the way dress up speaks volumes about our personality and character. To give proper care to our clothes it requires careful thought of things to do and meticulous study of the details pertaining to our clothing. Washing of our clothes is one of the necessities when it comes to clothing care. For those people who like the color blue, here are five tips for washing blue clothing.

Step 1

Generally, clothes have labels attached to it stating instructions about laundry care. Basic instructions regarding how to wash, dry and even how to iron the cloth are stated in it. It is very important to take note of clothing instructions as this will enable you to take proper care of the clothes. This will help determine the clothes estimated life. For people who are keen on keeping their clothes neat and tidy, they cannot afford to overlook the labels. Longevity of the clothes depends on this.

Step 2

Wash your blue clothing in cold water. Much has been thought about how to preserve the color of clothes. One way to prevent the clothes from fading is by using cold laundry water. Many would argue that hot water is more effective in washing colored clothing. However, many has attested that cold water is indeed, much more effective as compared to hot water. Hot water is more suited in removing stains though.

Step 3

Wash like colors together. Another way to prevent your blue clothing from fading is to make sure that it is wash together with clothes having the same color. This has been proven to be e very effective way to maintaining the color of clothes. Avoid mixing different kinds of colors when doing laundry. This may lead to discoloration of your clothes and could even lead to stained shirts. Always stick to washing with the same colors. When you practice this you will be able to enjoy wearing your clothes longer.

Step 4

Turn clothes inside out. This is another strategy to prevent your clothes from fading. Fading is one of the most common problems when it comes to clothing. Although fading is a natural process in which all clothes must undergo, still, a big priority is being placed to addressing this clothing concern. Practice turning all your clothes inside out to avoid premature fading of your clothes. The idea is to delay this natural process and avoid it from occurring too early in your clothes.

Put a cup of salt to laundry water or use an oxygen bleach to prevent color form bleeding. Another common problem in clothing is having stains. One effective way although may seem conventional, is to mix your laundry water with salt. This will help lessen the possibilities of your blue clothing from being stained. To those who are more inclined with contemporary methods, you may use oxygen bleach to avoid your clothes from the case of color bleeding. If not treated immediately, this could permanently damage your favorite blue clothing.