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Tips on Finding Clothing For Costumes


Whether you are dressing up for a big Halloween party or just looking for everyday dress-up clothing for your children, store-bought costumes can be expensive and very unoriginal. However, with a few articles of clothing and a little creativity you can create your own costumes. How can you find the right pieces to use? Here are a few places where you can find articles of clothing that easily turn into unique costumes.




Step 1

Start with your own closet. Do you have some clothing that you don't wear anymore? Maybe it's outdated or maybe it doesn't fit. Regardless of the reason you don't wear it, it can still be turned into a costume. Clothing that no longer fits can be torn or cut up and made into something else. For example, that old skirt that is many sizes two small can be made into a great cape for a superhero or vampire costume. And if you have been dying to wear something from decades past, put it on and turn it into an entire basis for a theme for your costume.

Step 2

Visit an older friend or relative. This is especially a great idea if you want your costume to have a vintage look. Grandparents are notorious for having closets full of clothing they wore when they were much younger. This is really great when you need a quick fix, because most vintage clothing will look like part of a costume without any alteration.

Step 3

Check out your local thrift store. This can be a treasure trove of clothing that can be used for costumes. From old military uniforms to vintage dresses, thrift shops are great places to find unique clothing that you wouldn't find in your average department store. Most of the time, these items will be pretty inexpensive.

Step 4

Visit your local dollar store. You won't find tons of clothing in these types of stores, but you will find inexpensive hats, t-shirts, gloves, glasses, hair items and other accessories that usually do not cost much more than one dollar. These make quick, cheap additions to costumes.

Step 5

Check out your neighbor's garage sale. From their daughter's old prom dress to that witch hat they wore last Halloween, yard sales and garage sales are a great place to find clothing that can be used to make costumes. The best part about these types of sales is that you never know what you will find. When people start cleaning out their houses, they can come up with almost anything. And best of all, most old clothing from yard sales and garage sales is very inexpensive. If you are not sure where to find a sale, check your local paper's classified ads, check with local churches and non-profit organizations or simply drive around town on the weekends to look for signs. 




Remember to be inventive when looking for clothing for costumes. When using clothing instead of store-bought packaged costumes, you may be required to get creative and spend a little more time on your costumes, but it will be worth it in the long run. Imagine going to a party and having a costume that no one else has. Best of all, it will save you money. 

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By Sarah Anderson, published at 03/21/2012
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