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How To Match Your Clothing To Silver Accessories

Published at 03/24/2012 20:48:34


Do you want to develop a sense of silver clothing? Silver accessories are very much the “in” thing these days. Women love wearing silver in the form of bags, jewelry, footwear, watches and other accessories. Wearing silver clothing is a sense which you must develop in order to look sharp, elegant and smart. Silver clothing seems to have the captive impression if worn in a correct manner.

Step 1

Silver watches and bags can be worn anywhere you want because they are available in great shine and without shine as well. Bags can be matched to your silver clothing with a little sense of matching the material and color. Black and grey clothing must be carried along with a shine less silver hand bag.

Step 2

Silver clothing can be managed without any great stress as you can wear silver stilettos and hand bags with charcoal or grey dress. Silver clothing can be made complete along with a silver wrist watch which makes your wrist look elegant. People seem to notice the accessories you are carrying along more than your dress these days. A silver wrist watch makes a women look gorgeous as it makes you look smart and trendy.

Step 3

A black backless gown can be carried along silver clutch and a silver watch. You can easily match your clothing to silver accessories. On the other hand, gold is also an option for women, but it can be carried out on special occasions only. Your silver clothing can turn out to be elegant and casual if you want by carrying the silver accessories possessing very little shine.

Step 4

Silver clothing can be made complete by wearing silver jewelry. Gold and platinum have always given a hard competition to silver but now a day’s silver is getting more acceptable. Every woman seems to have the pleasant feeling and confidence in themselves while wearing the silver jewelry.

Step 5

Silver clothing can be matched by wearing silver jewelry crafted over historical pieces, and this has added a lot to its value. Silver jewelry is affordable to everybody and still is in the fashion. Women being a professional, they can wear an elegant and stylish necklace in order to be confident of their appearance and work. You need to develop the sense of matching silver jewelry with your dress as it can leave an ever lasting impression on the people around you.


Special occasions can be attended with a much more stylish and shining silver jewelry in the form of a necklace, ring or a bracelet. Silver clothing can be a part of your casual and party life. Sterling silver has been in trend since a decade and made the women look pretty and fashionable. Teenage girls can wear the silver jewelry and look decent. Gold would not be a suitable option in the jewelry section for them as silver would be the correct option.

Sources and Citations

Silver clothing can be easily managed as it needs no great thinking and only requires a bit of attention while choosing the correct material for the particular situation.


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