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How To Adjust the Sleeve Length on Your Clothing

Published at 03/22/2012 12:47:34


Sleeves are the part of a garment that covers your arms or half arms. Your clothing sleeve length can have a great effect on your personality so it is good to take a moment and think about the appropriate sleeve length on your clothing. Different lengths of clothing sleeve may look differently on different body types. A clothing sleeve too long on thin arms and too short on chubby arms will look displeasing to the eye.

Step 1

It is thus very important to adjust your clothing sleeve length. Determining the length of sleeve requires very little time and the benefits of adopting the great sleeve style will pay off for years. In this article you will learn how to adjust or determine the clothing sleeve length when you go to buy your shirt. Your sleeves should be lengthy because it looks good. It will protect your arms from winrter.

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The Right Fit Of Clothing Sleeve
Clothing sleeve length seems a little issue if you are just concerned by means of the price of your dress. other than if you enter into the world of clothing fashion then you will find that the minor details are the most important thing which can alter the look of the dress and of the person who is wearing it. Comfort is another thing that comes with the perfect clothing sleeve.

Step 3

AdjustingSleeve Length Of Your Shirt
Measure your arm from the center point from where your shoulders meet with your neck. It is the proper way to determine the shirt sleeves and there will be no chance of mistake. Hold your arm straight and your thumb should be in your pant pocket. Take tape and lightly guide it down along your arm. Move it to your elbow slightly and them towards your wrist. Stop at the joint that meets with palm of your hand. Please note that your arm should be straight in measurement. If you bend it slightly then the measurement will not be correct.

Step 4

Adjusting Sleeve Length Of Your Jacket
Jacket sleeve also has different sizes such as regular, long, short and extra long. Most people fall into the regular or long category while other categories are not so common.You will need to make adjustment of jacket sleeves if they do not fit on your arms properly. There are some basic rules of cutting that your tailor knows to shorten or lengthen jacket sleeves.

Step 5

To measure clothing sleeve, you will use a tape and cover your arm from shoulder joint to elbow and then to your wrist. You can ask your tailor or someone else to check your arm size for adjusting the jacket sleeve length.


Mostly one half of the cuff is shown from under your jacket clothing sleeve. Sometimes, when you go to buy your jacket, you will notice that jacket sleeve length is fit for you but jacket cuff are not exactly what you want.

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If you have time and money then it is better to go to a tailor and adjust the jacket sleeve as you want.